Make 2012 Your Year of Awakening

empower the new year with spiritual counseling & coachingThe end of the year 2012 marks the end of the Mayan Calendar. This information has now become mainstream, thanks to the incredible communication resource that is the internet. Of course, some have interpreted this to mean the end of the world and have used it to spread a sense of fear and doom to continue attempting to control others, or to market action movies, or to sell emergency items and methods for survival. However, this year is really a transition into a new beginning, and it carries very powerful energies and opportunities for transformation.

The end of the calendar year will actually mark the beginning of a new cycle, as the planet moves more clearly into the 5th dimension and the Age of Aquarius, which is when humanity will recognize both its mastery and its responsibility in the co-creation of the world and preservation of the planet. This New Aquarian Age started in the 1700’s, but has increasingly settled in and this year marks a more definitive shift toward the Aquarian conscious community and global awareness about the planet. In this sense, we will all experience a stronger drive toward understanding, clarity, and purpose, and the need to express our beliefs as well as our perception of the world from a place of truth and authenticity rather than social conditioning or blind faith.

For some, it will be the beginning of a spiritual awakening and for others, a more radical shift onto a higher level of consciousness, depending on where we each are. And of course, there will always be those who resist any change. But no matter where we are at, we will all witness a wave of forward motion toward the spiritual, mystical, metaphysical, esoteric, and miraculous. This is definitely a very important year to invest in your self-development and acquire tools for awareness and inner peace!!!

Moving Forward to Unveil the Truth

Perhaps you were able to feel the shift in the energy as the year began. It was pretty clear, and it continues to intensify as the days go by. We are being called to distinguish between Truth and illusion; to understand who we are and what our true nature is; to be authentic and true to ourselves and others; to de-clutter and simplify; and to search for the Truth within.

This means that it is also time to take a really good look at your shadow (or dark side), in the same manner that the shadow of the world is showing its ugly head. As transparency increases, so may chaos and confusion, because any big change brings about resistance. And this year is a year of big changes. But it is nothing to be afraid of; darkness is just another aspect of life. Always remember that there is no light without darkness, and that it is always darkest before dawn.

Make 2012 Your Year of Awakening

  • Invest in your self-development and spiritual growth
  • Listen to your inner voice more than your ego-mind
  • Take positive action toward accomplishing your goals
  • Take steps to create a more positive environment
  • Finish any tasks you left undone last year
  • Take care of any lingering health problems
  • Recognize life as a learning process, not a yes/no statement
  • Simplify your life to make it more efficient
  • Find tools and methods to counteract any negative external influences
  • Stay focused on your growth and self-knowledge
  • Accept and embrace the lower aspects of yourself as they show up
  • Forgive everyone you’ve ever had negative feelings toward
  • Surrender to what is and let old patterns dissolve
  • Let go of the old (what no longer serves you) and welcome the new
  • Make a commitment to separate illusion from Truth

Commit to Your Self-Development and Growth

The energies of the year will support you in any spiritual endeavor for self-growth and will favor big inner changes if you are truly committed to your transformation. This is the year to be absolutely honest with you and make any necessary changes when asking yourself:

  • What am I allowing to manifest?
  • Is it real?
  • Is what I express the true me or am I holding on to a distorted self-image?
  • What am I not wanting to see in this situation?
  • What am I resisting when I find opposition?
  • What am I holding on to when I avoid seeing the Truth?
  • What is my true calling?

Be open, be flexible, trust the process, and enjoy the ride. It is going to be a very special one, this year!

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