The Miraculous Power of Your Attention

develop mindfulness with spiritual counseling & coachingI recently read an article that mentioned that the human attention span is now about 9 seconds and that it keeps shrinking, thanks to the internet and modern technology. Well, if I can grab your attention for a little longer and have you think about it for a moment, 9 seconds is the attention span of a small fish!

I know that the nature of the mind is like that of a monkey, as it takes you from one thought to the next and one desire to the next, but it seems to me that we’ve come to a point when energy is becoming too scattered and wasted. This, in turn, is manifesting globally as fear, confusion, disease, and lack of abundance; not to mention wasting resources in the world. But that’s a different story…

In this fast paced world we live in, we are being trained to move quickly, do things on impulse, and expect immediate results as well. No wonder we are so quick to label and drug our kids if they don’t behave the way we want, to look for a “quick fix” for our own health problems, and to quickly surf the web for information (what has become our modern “knowledge”). The key word here is “quick.” Modern life has become a continuous rush-hour we find ourselves trapped in, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, too.

Have you ever wondered why this is? Think about it for a little longer than 9 seconds: a scattered mind is much easier to control, and a stressed-out person is more prone to fear and disease and impulsive reactions. No matter how monkey-like our mind may be, our bodies are not wired for this speed, so it brings about a lack of focus and depth, as well as a lot of stress!

Those who know this, use it to control human nature to their advantage and for their own interests: we are bombarded with skewed and conflicting information every second of the day, and we are also made to believe that it’s ok; that it’s just “the way it is” and we better keep up with it! Forget about discrimination and self-reflection; just pick an issue, judge and label it quickly, and move on to the next one! Forget about having deep conversations; just tweet your opinions in as few words as possible…

Your Focus Equals Abundance

When you stop focusing on what you desire and allow one distraction after another, abundance disappears. And for the moments that you do perceive and attract abundance, it soon gets interrupted with more distractions. Over and over again. How can you possibly be peaceful and centered to create the life you want, when your mind and your energy are pulled in so many different directions, and you can no longer trust how you feel?

When I talk about abundance, I am not referring to just the financial aspect of wealth. Abundance is your soul’s nature. Because you are an extension of the Infinite Consciousness continuum, with its inherent Creative Potential, you are naturally abundant, and your abundant nature is manifesting with every thought, every belief, every emotion, and every action.

Abundance is within you, continuously creating your reality. You may have or see an abundance of problems you don’t like, probably because you focus too much on them; so you keep creating more and more of the same. That is easy, since the mass media wave length is paying more attention to problems and creating a sense of lack. But you can also shift the focus to attract an abundance of wealth, love, support, consciousness, peace of mind, and so on.

Harness the Power of Your Mind

Life is abundance, and the mind is a powerful tool. Wherever your attention goes, there goes the mind and therefore your energy. So you are continuously energizing what your pay attention to. Similarly, lack of focus equals lack of abundance, because your scattered attention dilutes it. It doesn’t allow it to crystalize in any form, keeping it as vague and amorphous desires within you.

Life is made up of miracles. These miracles are brought forth through your desires and focus. By the same token, lack of focus equals lack of miracles, because your scattered energy brings confusion and prevents you from being able to perceive them. This of course, doesn’t mean that you can’t regain control over your mind and attention span. Quite the contrary! This is the time to gather your energy, regain your mental power, and re-focus on what you desire for yourself and the planet.

Your Focus Equals Your Full Presence

As we all delve deeper into the expanding energy of 2012, your focused attention has to become a priority. With the energy shift going on in the planet, whatever you focus upon will expand, and in ways that you never imagined possible before! So it is time to slow down a bit to start paying more attention within and a less on the outside world. Invest your time, energy, and abundance on yourself, and focus on your self-growth and self-awareness.

You can jump start by asking yourself the following questions throughout the day, and in general:

  • What am I choosing to focus on?
  • Where am I directing my mental energy?
  • Where am I focusing my emotional energy?
  • Am I jumping from one thing to another in any aspect of my life?
  • Am I clear about my goals?
  • Am I procrastinating because I allow distractions?
  • Am I putting too much on my plate?
  • Am I giving myself the time to breathe and simply be?
  • Am I experiencing my life as a learning process or a race?
  • Am I clear about my purpose?

If you’ve come this far in the article, congratulations! You have chosen what you want to focus on, and for how long. But you need personal tools to keep it up and remain mindful. So contact me today to get started on a journey of self-exploration and energy management, to experience the spiritual power of your presence!

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