Welcome a New Year With Love and Positive Energy

remove obstacles with spiritual counseling & coachingNew Year’s celebrations are festive and hopeful. We get together with friends or family, ready to let go of the year that is over and to welcome the one that is about to begin, with new expectations and desires. It is also a time to reflect on what we have accomplished, what we may have had to overcome, and how much we’ve grown in the process.

Some people may say that calendars are arbitrary devices to give us the illusion of time, and that the end of a year’s cycle is not naturally marked by December 31st. Of course, when you think of the Gregorian calendar we use, as opposed to the natural Lunar calendars of the East, and how it was changed and adjusted over time according to who was in power and what was considered important at any given historical period, it may seem sensible to doubt that specific dates have any meaning.

However, if we remember that we are all souls on a journey, and that the Divine is our true nature, there is no reason to doubt that there is a purpose behind the creation of such devices, to give us a sense of completion and direction in our human experience. Since we are multidimensional beings, having several types of calendars should not create any conflicts either, just like having different systems of numerology or astrology (Western, Vedic, Chinese) provides us with more tools to learn about ourselves and understand the events in our world.

A Time to Pause and Celebrate

And this is what it’s really all about. A year ending and a new beginning is about pausing; it is about self-reflection; it is about stepping outside the busyness of our lives to look at ourselves and “smell the roses,” with gratitude for what we have and great appreciation for who we are becoming.

Regardless of what calendar you use, a New Year is a time to take stock of the past to make way for a new cycle, with excitement and positive thoughts. So think of yourself with fondness, love, and compassion, and reflect with pride on what you accomplished in the past year and the obstacles you were able to overcome.

Maybe there are things you think you could have done better; simply accept that you did your best. Or perhaps you would have liked certain things to go a certain way. Yet no matter how they went, you can choose to see how they made you stronger or how they helped you discover something new in yourself. No matter how difficult it may seem, any experience always has a purpose: to help you learn something, to nudge you in the right direction, or to push you to resolve a conflict within yourself or with others.

Life Is an Ongoing, Fluid Process

I believe that creating New Year’s resolutions is a waste of time; or rather, that it is another tool the ego can use to make you feel that you are lacking something. That type of list comes from the sense that you were supposed to accomplish or achieve something that you didn’t. I am not sure who came up with that idea, but to me it makes much more sense to see life as an ongoing process and the New Year as a pause in that process, when we can reflect on where we are at and where we are headed.

So I’d suggest that this year you try this instead:

1. Avoid resolutions.  Begin the New Year with the belief that you are exactly where you should be and that you are essentially perfect already, and that you will continue perfecting who you are.

2. Count your own blessings.  Write down 100 things you like about yourself. Include internal and external features. See your beauty inside and out. Focus on the small and the big things, and not just on the things that you think people like about you. This is about you liking, appreciating, and enjoying who you are.

3. Commit to give what you most desire.  Give others what you want, and the Universe will reciprocate. Want more love? Be more loving. Want more abundance? Be more generous. Want more peace? Avoid conflicts and clutter around you. You get the idea…

4. Pick a single focus for the year. Pick one word that you resonate with, and make it your “power word” for the year. Then focus on it further with regular related affirmations. In my experience, the word you focus on draws to you what you need to learn about it. So, for instance, if you choose a word like “love” or “abundance,” be open and ready for it throughout the year, because the Universe will send you what you need to learn about it, from your soul’s perspective, and not necessarily what you think you know about it.

4. Be grateful.  Gratitude and appreciation draw positive people and circumstances to you. Take the time throughout the day and year to appreciate everything you have: from the material to the subtle aspects of your life and environment, allow the feelings of gratitude to fill your heart, and you will attract more of what you enjoy in the world.

5.  Be nice to yourself.  What would make life nicer for you?  Find ways to pamper and love yourself.  As the saying goes, it’s all in the details. Find ways to surround yourself with things that remind you how much you love and appreciate who you are: positive notes, your favorite books, uplifting images, your best photos, yummy treats, fresh flowers, and so on. Feel your self-love when you look at them, and embrace how a unique being you are.

6. Be nice to others. Be friendly, loving, open, and compassionate with the people in your life, even if it may seem very hard at times. Choose peace over conflict, and love over resentment. Yes, it’s a choice, so simply make a commitment to yourself to be a more peaceful and loving person. Then watch the little miracles and great joy this brings you throughout the year.

Out With the Old, In With New Energy!

There is nothing better to welcome a New Year (or a new phase) than to clean up and get rid of the old to make room for the new. So make sure you throw or give away old, broken stuff you no longer need or use, and de-clutter your living and working space as much as possible. Clean you home, your car, your fridge, and your kitchen; do the laundry, sweep or vacuum, empty the trash cans, dust everything, and change the sheets and towels.

Then buy a new plant, fill your pantry, put seeds in your bird feeders, fill a bowl with fresh fruit, put some money in your wallet, and go out and celebrate! These are symbolic acts that will renew your energy and open you up to the abundance and positive energy of the New Year. And contact me today to embark on a journey of self-exploration and spiritual growth, to make this your best year yet!

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