How Well Do You Use Your Intuition?

develop true intuition with spiritual counseling & coachingMost people rely on their rational mind to navigate life, unaware that the decisions they make tend to be more unconscious and emotional than logical, or that they’re only conscious of about 10% (if that) of what their mental field holds. They believe there’s one effect to one cause when in reality there are many factors shaping the morphing and fluid nature of life.

It’s like believing that to grow a tree you only need a seed and water, dismissing all the other elements required for that tree to grow: the soil, the nutrients and bugs in the soil, the oxygen in the air, the sunlight, the right temperature, atmospheric conditions, seasonal changes, and so on.

Each type of tree needs more or less specific conditions to live, and without them it won’t grow, no matter how many seeds you plant. Human beings are even more complex and multilayered, and all the factors shaping who you are and how you respond to life at any given time come from the causal body of your soul, where all your memories, tendencies, impressions, unresolved emotions, and karmic energies are stored.

The causal body is the subconscious, where the Divine Feminine hides with your full potential to realize Divine Consciousness. You nurture this aspect as you look within and gradually remove the ego-based resistance to grow emotionally and spiritually: planting and nourishing positive seeds for the future, letting go of self-defeating patterns (your wounded child archetype), and tending to what is needed to reach your full potential: self-awareness, love, clarity, compassion, discipline, faith, gratitude, and forgiveness.

What Are Your Intuitive Senses?

This aspect of your soul is also where your subtle or intuitive senses are, and depending on how receptive your are—that is, where you can place your soul type within the Feminine-Masculine Soul Spectrum—they may be more or less obvious, and more or less active (to learn more about the Feminine-Masculine Soul Spectrum, grab your copy of The Indigo Journals: Spiritual Healing For Indigo Adults & Other Feminine Souls).

Your intuitive senses include:

  • Clairvoyance, which means clear seeing;
  • Clairaudience or clear hearing;
  • Clairsentience or clear feeling;
  • Claircognizance or clear knowing;
  • Clairalience or clear smelling; and
  • Clairgustance or clear tasting.

Just like you take in the physical world through the physical senses, your spiritual senses allow you to tap into different dimensions of awareness. In other words, they tune you to the frequencies of subtler planes than those of physical, 3th-dimensional reality. You may tell if someone is lying or trying to manipulate you, or you know things about a person or a situation by just thinking of them or looking at a photograph. This ‘sixth sense,’ which is a combination of your spiritual senses, tells you if something is wrong, dangerous, or out of balance in your environment without any apparent or logical reason.

These are qualities of the Divine Feminine available to anyone willing to tap into their feminine, non-logical aspects; they’re also becoming increasingly evident as the Feminine restores its place on Earth, so we’ll see more and more people using and marketing them—for both positive and negative reasons, but that’s another story. If you are a feminine soul (regardless of your gender), your natural clairsentience results from an underlying impulse toward the Feminine—that is, love, compassion, empathy, flexibility, openness.

Natural Intuition vs. Intuitive Wisdom

Once you embrace these subtle senses and balance them out with the mental discipline that grants you discrimination and detachment, you gain greater clarity about yourself and others, and can make conscious, intentional choices rather than blindly following the hidden impulses of the ego-mind. You achieve this by listening and trusting your inner voice unconditionally while making what’s unconscious conscious. The more you do this, the better integrated these senses become, not as ‘special gifts’ but as inherent aspects of who you are and how you navigate life. I mean, what good is it to develop your intuition if it doesn’t lead to emotional and spiritual freedom?

Without self-awareness and clear boundaries, this multidimensional openness creates confusion and scatters your energy, making it hard to distinguish the present from past life memories or desires projected into the future, muddling your perception with illusions. Plus, it tends to mix your mental and emotional energy with those around you, since it gives you a sponge-like quality that easily absorbs collective energies.

An ongoing process of self-exploration—along with spiritual and meditative practices—provides the boundaries you need to discern true insights from imagination, wishful thinking, or mere potentiality; it also prevents you from dismissing the logical aspects needed to navigate life or letting the ego-mind use your spiritual senses to shape a ‘spiritualized ego,’ thus blocking real growth. In truth, this happens even to people with good spiritual development, because their ego makes them feel special; so remain attentive and alert, and never underestimate the power of the ego-mind to trick you into delusion!

Your intuitive senses can lead toward greater awareness and a deeper connection to yourself, to discover your true Self, or they can be used by the ego-mind to keep you from growing spiritually. I’ve met innumerable psychics and healers with no self-awareness who rely on their gifts to make a living but don’t use them to grow emotionally or spiritually. So contact me today to embark on a journey of soul integration and spiritual healing, and turn your natural intuition into intuitive wisdom to discover your true Self!

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