How To Develop an Abundant Mindset

develop an abundant mindset with spiritual counseling & coachingLet me ask you, do you wait till the last minute to pay your bills or tend to forget and be late with your payments? Or do you get anxious about money and often think that things are ‘too expensive’ or that you can’t afford something you really want? Then it’s time to understand the energy of money and start developing a more abundant mindset.

The modern world is so focused and attached to money that it’s become a predominant thought (and concern) for everyone, including people with plenty of it. You could say that the world is made of money, because you need money for everything: to survive, to learn things, to travel, to raise a family, to feel safe, to feel good about your work, to make life more pleasant, and even to show affection.

Money is energy, and like any other type of energy, it is fluid and it fluctuates. It’s a modification or manifestation of the abundant quality of the Divine Feminine that we exchange for things that make life abundant: a safe place to live, good things to eat, nice clothes to wear, enjoyable books to read and places to visit, free time to spend with those we love, the recognition of what we’re good at and can contribute to humanity, and opportunities to work on our personal and spiritual growth.

So it’s clear that money is a means to an end, not the end itself, but the energy of money has been so abused and distorted that now it represents external validation and power causing suffering. As yet another expression of the wounded Feminine on the planet, it creates imbalance, inequality, and injustice. But this imbalance is really internal, projected outward and then reinforced from the outside as well. It forms a vicious circle that traps you between the desire for the freedom that money provides and the aversion to the dysfunction that money also represents. Most people get stuck here, unable to take spiritual responsibility for their reality and live abundant lives.

True Abundance Comes From Embracing Life

It’s much easier to see that you ‘need’ money for the things you desire than to realize how you reject the true abundance within you, because the ego-mind uses all sorts of tricks to keep you disconnected from yourself and the infinite potential of your soul. You may hide behind people, rationalizations, excuses, resentments, procrastination, and many other forms of resistance, because you both yearn for and are terrified of your true power—the power to create a fulfilling life. This power emerges as you surrender the ego to the spiritual forces within and around you, not from egoic self-images maintaining codependent patterns that rely on external things or people.

Real abundance is a state of mind, a way of viewing and approaching life. It’s a quality of being that demands a deviation from the mainstream of collective awareness, because the world promotes an overly materialistic, unbalanced, ego-based perspective that maintains a dysfunctional status quo causing inequality. This distorted (collective) mental make-up is deeply ingrained, so it’s very easy for the ego-mind to use it to disconnect you from your goals, aspirations, and wealth—more importantly, from the fulfillment of being who you are, clear about what your life-movie is about, and deeply connected to the flow of joy and love that life really is.

Embracing life, with all its fluctuations, requires emotional honesty and the courage to come out of your shell and express yourself freely without hiding behind outdated roles, external expectations, or the self-images your sense of otherness creates to trap you in the same emotional place, where you keep giving your power away (see Are You Aware of How Big Your Ego Is?). Because your mission here is to take spiritual responsibility for everything you are—the good, the bad, and the ugly—and as you do this, you discover your inner resources and abundant nature; and your life-movie shifts to reflect a new self-perception.

Understanding the Magnifying Energy of Money

Money is not spiritual, but it’s not non-spiritual either; you could say it’s as spiritual or non-spiritual as, say, electricity or water: it can be used to promote life or to block or even destroy life—again, it’s a means to an end, and turning it into the end itself causes imbalance. But since this energy is a modification of the expansive Feminine principle, the main quality of money is magnifying. Whether it’s positive or negative personal traits (such as generosity and love or insecurity, greed, and resentment), or unresolved issues from past impressions and experiences, it brings to the awareness what needs to be addressed to restore balance and create more abundance for you and for all.

Many people claim to believe in the abundance of life and yet worry constantly about finances, blocking the flow of joy and letting money sabotage their capacity for love, wealth, and spiritual growth. Unaware of their internal contradictions, they fail to appreciate the value of their work, the privileges and good things in their lives, or their own creative and spiritual potential. Self-awareness is key to strike a balance, without rejecting or getting too attached to money or using it to hide something else, since its magnifying energy will find a way to bring these things up to the surface through your reality—to create enjoyable or painful experiences.

More often than not, people who complain or worry too much about money can’t see that the issue is not money but the unresolved emotions the ego-mind hides behind financial troubles or concerns, to create resistance and block their full potential. Finances and relationships are the two most vulnerable aspects the ego (and those wanting to manipulate or take your power away) use to control you emotionally. It’s up to you whether you believe the ego-mind and remain in the same place or choose to do what it takes to effect change.

In other words, do you want to speak the ‘language of abundance’ or live a truly abundant life? For the latter, you have to understand and heal your relationship with money, with power, with yourself and others—through your own healing transformation. For even if you spend great amounts of time and energy seeking the security financial wealth can provide, what good is it if you forget the spiritual purpose of your search—a steady sense of fulfillment that brings you peace?

To develop a truly abundant mindset, you must refuse to make life about money and embrace it as the journey of self-exploration and self-expression it really is. Remember that money is a means to an end, embrace it as such and manage it in a conscious manner, without giving it so much power. Drop the resistance to grow out of the wounded child archetype and start looking within to discover what it is that money is amplifying in your life-movie: past fears, anxiety, resentment, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, insecurity, shame, self-judgment, codependency, greed, arrogance, illusions, avoidance, or resistance to accomplish your goals or change the direction of your life.

Once you resolve these with self-awareness, self-love, and clear, balanced choices, you’ll allow new opportunities for prosperity and fulfillment. Trust that you’re always guided and supported, for you soul wouldn’t push forth something you’re not meant to experience and explore to reconnect to Divine Consciousness. And as you consciously manage your energy to tackle what money brings to the surface—to the big screen of your life-movie—and surrender your ego to the Divine Feminine within you, your self-perception will change, your Divine Mother will take care of all your difficulties, and your capacity for abundance will expand as a result. So contact me today to gain greater insight into yourself and take spiritual responsibility to remove what’s preventing you from living a truly abundant life!

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