How Do You Direct Your Creative Power?

harness your creative power with a spiritual mentor & coachI want to keep it short and sweet today, and leave you with food for self-reflection…

Your mind is where the spark of Consciousness gets projected, so it inherently possesses infinite creative power. This powerful current of creative potential within you is filtered by your thoughts, impressions, tendencies, and unresolved emotions in the mind. If you are like most people, you see your contradictory impressions become your reality instead of the manifestation of your desires.

The thing is, where your attention goes, there follows your creative energy. And with so many people and things clamoring for your attention, it gets quickly scattered! So ponder this: more than a doer or a co-creator, you are really a decider, making decisions every moment as to where you direct your attention and therefore your power.

Are you focusing your energy toward your goals and aspirations, or are you letting the world pull you in different directions, scattering the incredible resources that are part of your divine nature?

What do you allow to distract or deviate you from what you truly want, and why? Which are the patterns in the fabric of your life that place emotional blinders where there should be a clear sense of direction? If you haven’t been able to answer these types of questions fully, you should contact me today and start unraveling those patterns to create the life you really want!

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