Are You a Conscious Entrepreneur?

spiritual coach for conscious entrepreneursFirst of all, let me clarify. You don’t need to run a business to be an entrepreneur. We are all engaged in the most complex and challenging of all enterprises: our life. Since the way you do anything is the way you tend to do everything, in my experience the same rules that apply to business (especially a service oriented business) apply to life as well. Or the other way around.

The patterns in your personal relationships will be reflected in how you relate to your business, creative endeavors, or personal projects. How you value and position yourself determines how much you invest in accomplishing what you set your mind to. In other words, how independent, conscious, and focused you are translates into how you manage your time and energy for the fulfillment of your dreams and aspirations or the success of your business.

Ask yourself: are you honoring and expressing your true voice or are you self-effacing to place others above you and maintain a self-image created by the ego-mind? Yep, I’m talking about that self-image that believes you have to be “good” and “small” and “nice” and “useful” while your inner self is yearning to hatch, thrive, and do what only YOU can accomplish, in your unique yet powerful way.

No matter how safe it has felt in the past, and maybe it still feels safe now, that self-image dis-empowers you by giving the control of your life (or business) to your sense of otherness, the inner bully that wants to keep you stuck where you are. Either in life or business, growing requires stretching beyond your comfort zone, shedding old inherited beliefs, being open to learning new things, and clarifying who you are and what you want—without apologies. That clarity becomes your inner compass.

What Is Your Life or Business Really About?

In business you can measure what’s going on by looking at the money, sales, clients, and so on, while in life you can pretend that things are ok when they’re not. That is, of course, until you’re so unfulfilled that you can no longer deny that your “emotional bank account” has been drained. On the other hand, just like you can hide behind your relationships or unconsciously created obstacles to avoid taking full responsibility for what you want, you can also hide behind your credentials and the training you’ve received to avoid expressing your true voice and value—your soul signature.

This cosmic play, however, is about discovering your uniqueness, your personal perspective on things—your individual slice of Infinite Consciousness—by owning your experiences and pursuing and fulfilling your true desires. I say true desires because I’m not talking about chasing desires willy-nilly, but about connecting to those that resonate with you at a soul level—those that place you on the right track of the life path you’ve chosen.

Paradoxically, that’s how you’ll eventually transcend the ego-mind to realize that you are a spark of Infinite Consciousness, connected to everything and everyone in Oneness. But that’s still a long ways ahead… The path in front of you right now requires conscious, passionate action while you hold on to the vision of what you came here to do—for both personal and spiritual growth as well as your contribution to the planet.

Isn’t it time to begin gathering your gifts and talents to step up to the challenge of creating the life or business YOU truly want? Then contact me now to discover your emotional compass and individual road map, and become a truly conscious entrepreneur in life and/or business.

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