Do You Have What It Takes To Be Happy?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Happy?Let me ask you something: do you want to be happy? Well, you’re probably thinking, don’t we all? No, I am not being sarcastic, maybe just a bit rhetoric. Now the real question is, do you have what it takes to be happy?

Happiness is our true nature. Our soul is continuously trying to nudge us to find it. So how come unhappiness is so prevalent in the world?

Because we’re wounded and rebellious and we’d rather identify with our senses and familiar “personality” than listen to our own soul. We want to be loved; we want to be liked; we want to be appreciated; we want to be right; we want to have control. We think that those things will heal our wounds and we hold on to the illusions they provide.

Why do I say those are illusions? Because as long as you’re identified with a “personality,” which arises from a collection of needs (an old wounded place), nothing can ever make you happy. Even external motivators such as work, relationships, or money are like the carrots dangling in front of the donkey. Believing that those are the things that make you happy is as false as believing that you are your “personality.”

I can’t tell you how many people I know that come to a point where this persona no longer resonates with their nature and they have to change the course of their lives to feel more in tune with themselves. And it’s not that their experience doing whatever they’ve been doing isn’t valuable; it’s just that it usually relates to something they thought they should be doing, as opposed to what they really wanted. Sounds familiar?

This can go even deeper. Our identification with not just our role within a group (family, relationships, workplace, the world, etc.) but with our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs creates a mental trap we’re not easily willing to let go of. It makes us feel “safe,” even if we’re miserable, because it’s familiar, while we perceive change as something that jeopardizes our emotional status quo. The ego-mind shapes our personality and there’s nothing scarier for the ego than to not exist. If I’m not my ego, then who am I, right?

This ego-comfort-zone, however familiar, safe, or pleasurable, is doomed to eventually become restrictive and painful, because the soul craves expansion and freedom. Like happiness, those are also aspects of our true nature, and we unconsciously seek them in what we do. The soul doesn’t care about how many diplomas, relationships, children, awards, or bank accounts you have. It cares about how much you expand Consciousness through your experience and self-awareness.

So if you want to access the level of consciousness where happiness abides, that personality you’re so attached to—with its past impressions, memories, beliefs, and wounds—well, it has to go. It has to be transcended. Instead of paying attention to being this or that; or on what others are thinking, doing, or saying; or worse yet, how they perceive you, try to redirect your energy to living with purpose.

What dreams, projects, interests, or goals have you left behind to tend to the needs or expectations of others through a vulnerable persona that feeds the illusion of being needed, or useful, or liked? As long as you focus on how you come across (your personality), you will be comparing yourself to others, placing yourself in a codependent position, and ultimately feeling dis-empowered.

When you focus on your projects and dreams—on living a life on and with purpose—energy flows to you and the Universe supports your endeavors. So do you have what it takes to let go of the unhappy persona and integrate all aspects of the true YOU that is yearning to emerge from within? Then contact me to work together and get you to experience a much more fulfilling, soul guided life!

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