Harness the Power of Your Habits

claim the power of habits with a spiritual mentor & life coachMost of us don’t realize how much power habits have. I mean, not just because accomplishing anything requires continuity and discipline, but also because habits are an investment of energy and time.

And I don’t know if you see this the same way I do, but I remember the day when the realization that “time + energy = your life” hit me like a ton of bricks! I became much more selective about how to spend either ever since.

Think about how much time and energy you invest in what you do on a regular basis and what that says about your life. Whether it’s the work you do for your job or business, the people or pets you take care of, a yoga or exercise routine, the things you do for fun, and so on. They’re all reflections of where you’re at in life. Now let me ask you, is it where you want to be?

If you’re a new parent your habits are going to be completely different than if you are a single person starting a new career, or if you got married and lost your job, or if you just retired and are searching for a new purpose. The thing is that our habits seem to sneak into our life almost unwillingly. So we either rely on them to provide stability, we take them for granted, or we struggle with them because they turn into meaningless routines.

No matter what type, habits accumulate time and energy. They’re like a bank account you invest your life in. And I’m not just talking about action-oriented habits; your mental habits go into the account as well because they’re also energy. How much time and energy you spend criticizing or complaining or judging or procrastinating also speaks about where you’re at mentally and emotionally. Again, is it where you want to be?

Now, when you consciously create new habits, as an investment on yourself, your goals, and your self-growth, then it’s another story altogether. Now you get to harness their power to shape a life with purpose. You can utilize the energy and momentum they accumulate to accomplish your dreams and aspirations. You can feel the energetic path they build under your feet because they get you closer to where you want to be.

So I invite you to make a list of your mental, emotional and physical habits, and reflect on what they say about where you’re investing your energy and time. You can put them in one of those pie charts if you feel like having fun with it. Be honest with yourself and recognize what you give the most power to. Is it yourself or others? Is it your dream or someone else’s? And how many of your (mental or emotional) habits distract you from accomplishing your goals?

Try to find ways to “recycle” the energy of the habits that pull you away from your goals and start creating new ones that keep you on track. Now, please don’t be like those people who suddenly go out jogging after years of living sedentary lives and give themselves a heart attack! Be gentle and compassionate with yourself, but be firm and committed at the same time. Take small steps, energize short routines, reorganize small chunks of your day. More importantly, no matter what you choose to do or for how long, don’t stop.

If you are consistent, the energy you invest will build up to carry you through your own resistance (yep, there’s always resistance when we have goals) and get you where you want to be. It’s another way of giving your inner voice a stronger presence and a greater impact in your life. So contact me today for guidance and support to start harnessing the power of new emotional and mental habits and make the leap toward a more conscious and purposeful life!

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