Awaken The Creative Visionary Within

awaken the inner visionary with intuitive spiritual counseling & coachingDo you see yourself as a visionary? I believe we are all visionaries in our own right, because we are given a unique perspective from where to stand, as well as the inherent creative power to manifest our inner vision. So how come only a few individuals out there are considered visionaries while most people struggle to create something meaningful out of life?

What would you say are the most important traits of a visionary? Is it the clarity of purpose, the intensity of their desires, or the relentless perseverance and discipline with which they follow through with their ideas? Clearly, all of these are crucial, but what lies underneath them all, which is what can turn a regular person into a creative visionary, is the ability to re-imagine the world and the courage to effect and inspire change, no matter how small.

Change can happen in many ways. Sometimes it comes in bluntly and spreads like fire, turning things upside down for a while. But more permanent change occurs and disseminates in a feminine way, like air or water: slowly and tenaciously.

One small step at a time.

In the continuity of commitment.

Through the power of habit.

To awaken the creative visionary within, you must give yourself permission to express your craziest, wildest ideas, regardless of how impossible they may seem—but with no agendas and no concern for the judgment of others. Fear of judgment, or worse, your own self-judgment, feeds a false self-image that quickly squelches the drive to follow through with your desire and share yourself and make a meaningful contribution.

Your self-image is a fixed personality of sorts, a persona or façade you identify with and believe you need to maintain at all costs. It’s usually the result of your interactions with others since you were a child, and more importantly, of your interpretation of those interactions: what you’ve internalized as ‘appropriate’ or ‘acceptable,’ or ‘right,’ in a continuous attempt to receive love and validation.

It holds you in high yet unclear standards and is reinforced by your ‘sense of otherness’ coloring your perception with judgment, shame, and a sense of obligation to others. When being right is more important than being happy and at peace with yourself and others, you can be sure that the ego-mind has taken over your perception and your inner voice has been overpowered and squelched.

Rescue Your Creative Inner Child

The thing is, your visionary archetype and your self-images cannot coexist, because one is fueled by your authentic self and the others by your dependence on the opinions of others. Activating this dormant archetype requires being radically honest with yourself about what you really want and shedding the attachment to past self-images and self-judgments.

Now, even if your ideas don’t get you to the limelight, the process of energizing the inner visionary is a contribution to the world in and of itself: the process of your own transformation affects the collective unconscious. These are the persistent, small changes I was talking about earlier, which are key to restoring the Divine Feminine to bring balance on the planet for all.

Spreading this transformation demands awakening your creative visionary archetype. You must be willing to be open, curious, and humble, like a child again, and trust your creative imagination. The self-importance of the ego-mind blocks your playfulness and openness to learn and discover something new. Stop being afraid to look silly, make mistakes, or being wrong, for this is how you learn things and stretch beyond the comfort zone of ego.

Carve some time to jot down ideas for your next venture, sketch a new invention, outline a plan of action for your next steps in life or business, or dig up those old desires you left behind and rekindle the passion to pursue them. Above all, have fun using the creative imagination that is your birthright and gives you the power to heal!

The things you see around you started with an idea and the desire to bring that idea into reality. The whole Universe sprouted from the desire of Divine Consciousness to experience itself in a myriad forms. This is also inherent to your nature: the desire to discover and utilize your potential and get to know yourself through your creations.

So go ahead, don’t over think it and invite that inner child to play and fuel your enthusiasm for a better future. Contact me today to receive the support you need to drop your distorted self-images and discover your inner vision, to bring it into manifestation and make a unique contribution to your community and the world!

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    06/27/2018 at 3:22 AM

    Brilliant as always! Thank you!

    • 06/27/2018 at 11:41 AM

      Thank you!



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