Are You Connected To The Flow Of Your Life?

connect to the flow of your life with spiritual counseling coachingIf you’re the kind of person who tries to ‘go with the flow’ to avoid conflict or confrontation, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself, what type of flow are you aligning with? Is it the flow of YOUR life or is it the flow of someone else’s expectations, dreams, or desires? Discerning this can be challenging, especially if growing up you learned that pleasing others was the only way to navigate life without opposition.

I didn’t consider myself much of a people-pleasing person until I started observing how I’d twist like a pretzel to meet what I assumed those I cared about expected of me. Can you relate to this type of impulsive reaction? It comes from patterns of thought and perception that allowed you to deal with difficult or confusing situations in the past, but now they prevent you from being emotionally free to make conscious decisions that suit who you have become.

Since your ego-mind keeps you trapped in the wounded child archetype, by coloring your present with past, unresolved impressions, you unwillingly place yourself in situations with similar dynamics to those of childhood, often blaming or resenting those you interact with. That is, until you turn your unconscious patterns conscious, to start connecting with your own life flow by taking spiritual responsibility for everything in it.

This doesn’t mean you have to choose the path of most resistance when dealing with people or projects, but you will likely have to ride the discomfort your own resistance triggers when you try to break free from familiar dynamics. You must pierce through it as you redesign the script of your life-movie (or your business model). It may show up as fear, guilt, worry, or a general uneasiness pushing the sense that you’re doing something wrong or should be doing something other than what you’re trying to accomplish. But giving in to it means staying in the same place.

So how can you break out of the wounded child archetype without making things more challenging? It starts by becoming radically honest with yourself and embracing how you feel about your story and your reality. Without emotional honesty you disconnect from your inner voice, keeping your sense of self, as well as your inner compass, squelched.

Self-Awareness Equals Spiritual Power

Look for the energy behind your feelings, your thoughts, and your impulses. The ego-mind pushes whatever it can find to keep you in the same emotional place while making sure key elements of your unconscious patterns remain, well, unconscious. But your life path is soul-guided, so if you set your higher mind and spiritual senses to discover what lies behind them, your soul will somehow communicate what you’re looking for.

It either magnifies interactions, so their dynamics become big and obvious on the mental screen of your life-movie, or it sends clues and messages to bring awareness from within and without. But you have to be mindful, of course, or your ego will quickly taint any clarity. It knows you better than you know yourself; it has access to both conscious and unconscious files and can come up with a variety of tricks (thoughts, feelings, illusions, attachments, or discomfort) to distract you from discovering who you really are.

For instance, you may wonder about the meaning of repeated numbers like 11:11, 3:33, even if those numbers don’t mean much to you, or look for specific signs of spiritual growth or self-ascension to reassure yourself that you’re on the right path, while you fail to observe what your reality is pointing out about yourself, which is what your soul really wants you to pay attention to.

It’s like that joke about a man waiting on the roof of his house for God to come save him after a hurricane while refusing the help offered by several people. He’s so attached to his idea of God that he can’t see the various ways God is trying to help him out and ends up drowning. Spiritual growth is self-knowledge—the gradual awareness of your self-perception leading you to the realization of your divine nature.

Connecting to the flow of life means navigating it with self-awareness, not simply avoiding opposition, and accepting that even the obstacles you may find are showing you something you need to heal, nurture, or let go of in yourself. It’s taking the path of the spiritual warrior who knows when to move forward, when to retreat, and when to bend with humility to accept guidance or let the spiritual forces within take over.

Are you ready to reconnect to the flow of your life and purpose? Then contact me now to find the path of least resistance in the pursuit of your individual destiny and begin dropping all the self-images that have kept you wounded and stuck in the past!

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