Why You Keep Giving Your Power Away And How To Stop

discover your inner power with spiritual counseling / coachingMost of us don’t think of life in terms of ‘power.’ That’s for the politicians and other masculine soul types out there trying to control the world, right? But the truth is that everything in this creation is about power. Whether it’s the raw power of nature pushing a weed through the cracks of a wall or the creative power of your favorite artist, power plays a part in all aspects of life. And your interactions are no exception.

Perhaps you shy away from the word itself, since you witness how destructive those with external power can be and surely don’t want to be like them, but you must understand and embrace your own, to stop unwillingly giving it away through the unconscious dynamics you internalized as a child.

First, you must comprehend that your life is your personal movie and nothing in it is separate from you; it emerges from your perception through the creative power of your soul. Consciousness within projects its light onto the screen of your mind, which gets immediately colored with past impressions that your ego uses to give you the illusion of an individual experience, while holding you emotionally trapped in the past. Why? Because its mission is to keep you away from the realization of your divinity and spiritual power, so you can actually have a physical adventure through the spectrum of human existence.

In this sense, there’s a continuous struggle between your true nature and your egoic perception. Consciousness wants to experience itself through you, in individualized form, but by its own essence it’s also trying to find itself. In this divine yet paradoxical game of hide-and-seek, you’re pulled in opposite directions: one leading to your higher Self (eternal love and inner peace) and the other toward your sensory involvement with the world (pleasure followed by pain).

In other words, your sense of self (the aspect of ego that expresses the individuality of your soul) and your ‘sense of otherness’ (the aspect of ego that identifies with the world through your interaction with others) are at odds with each other. The pull of the external world is much stronger, since you began identifying with the physical senses and other people’s dysfunctional behavior from the moment you were born, so your sense of otherness carries a lot more energy and becomes an inner bully robbing you of any sense of power with a distorted self-perception.

Love and Creativity Are Your True Power

This dynamic is projected into your life and then further expands to the world outside, because it’s all a reflection of how you perceive and experience things—through past impressions and tendencies from this and other lifetimes, as well as the inherent wiring of your soul type (I’d recommend to read The Indigo Journals to better understand this). You can’t change the world, nor can you control how people behave, for they’re navigating their own life-movie. But you can change the roles you take in your interactions and transform dis-empowering dynamics, because these arise from within you.

Do you judge yourself when the world (or someone) doesn’t meet your expectations? Do you punish yourself somehow if someone makes you feel that you’re not good enough or blames you for something? And do you have the tendency to justify your existence (what you do or say)? These are reflections of the internal dynamics of childhood, when you had no voice, no choices, and no control.

So the question you must ask yourself is, “What aspect of my wounded child archetype (who feels small and expects validation from others) is this showing me?” and “What do I need to nurture in myself to step out of it, with the self-awareness, compassion, and love I’ve acquired through my life experience?” Your true power is creative and is also the power of love, both of which belong to the Divine Feminine within you. It allows you to redesign your life-movie as you heal issues and negative tendencies from the past, and take charge of your ego-mind. It requires self-discipline and focus, and the emotional effort to pierce through the resistance of your sense of otherness.

These are challenging times, and there’s a tug of war between the Feminine and Masculine principles within all of us as this dark cosmic cycle is coming to an end. But they’re pushing you to discover your inner resources and true power, to become one-in-yourself, self-loving and soul-guided, and take spiritual responsibility for everything in your life-movie. Developing emotional and spiritual freedom is the key to stop self-defeating and self-attacking through others, to become a vehicle of love and light in this dysfunctional and deeply wounded world. Contact me today to get started and make a valuable contribution!

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