Our Spiritual Revolution Is Unstoppable

heal the wounded Feminine with spiritual counseling coachingThere’s an energy of hopelessness permeating the US (and the world to some extent) due to the results of the presidential election. And if you are a feminine soul, you’re probably feeling it more intensely. First, this process has shattered many illusions about this country, which is really a concentrated version of the world (with its amalgamation of cultures, races, and beliefs).

But more importantly, it has also awakened ancient imprints of our disconnection from the Divine Feminine that stir up fear for any expression of the this principle, including love, tolerance, compassion, and of course, life on our feminine planet. I explain how and why this world became so polarized in more detail in The Indigo Journals, but here I’d like to help you understand what is happening on a subtler level as well, beyond the appearance of things and the chaotic experiences we still need to go through to grow out of the wounded archetypes that have kept us trapped in the density of 3rd dimension for thousands of years.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again. We’re at the juncture of huge shifts:

  • We’re at the end of a masculine cosmic cycle, transitioning to a new, 10,000-year long feminine cosmic cycle that will bring balance.
  • We’re getting established in the astrological Age of Aquarius (of about 2,100 years) we’ve been moving into for the past 200 years or so.
  • And we’re also ascending back into 5th dimension after falling into 3rd dimension about 10,000 years ago.

Now, since these changes are enormous from a human perspective, they’re easier to conceive on an intellectual rather than an experiential level. But they’re happening every minute of every day of your life. In other words, you’re continuously faced with the choice to remain in the dense sensory perception of a 3rd dimensional, masculine, dark cycle or to rise above it to experience something higher—what you’ve been yearning for for a very long time.

We’d like a gentle, gracious, and easy transition, which is the illusion of ‘being rescued or saved’ the New Age movement inherited from the Piscean Age and has unwillingly promoted, but the truth is that the mess we’ve created for millennia requires great effort to get out of. Not because we don’t have the power to resolve it, but because both the collective and individual ego-mind creates a tremendous amount of resistance to change and grow. This is what we’re witnessing in the world right now.

As we dove into this masculine cycle, our mental aspects and attachments to the physical got stronger, reinforcing the ego-mind that now binds you to this density. It’s clear in the political arena, where the game is about acquiring external power through manipulating, deceiving, or controlling others. Politicians are experts at making a fiction out of reality and hiding their true self-interests by creating illusions of change. Power may switch hands, but the game has remained the same since time immemorial.

This is a reflection of what happens within each of us, because the individual ego operates this way as well. Let’s be honest and recognize how we turn our relationships into power struggles on a regular basis; the more attached you get to someone, the more you want to change their behavior to meet your needs, and they want to change yours, too. Since your life is your own creative movie, no change is possible on the outside if you remain trapped in the wounded perception through which you judge and treat yourself and others.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re not a good person; you’re just human, stuck in the wounded child archetype of ego, like everyone else. The time has come to make a real effort to awake, to grow, and to individuate to become emotionally free—from your past, unresolved emotions, and conditioned self-images. Only when you’re emotionally free can you let others be free as well, but you can’t be free until you make the unconscious conscious, restoring the Feminine in the process, because your ego-mind will always pull you in the same direction as the collective ego you internalized growing up as your ‘sense of otherness’ or inner bully.

A Revolution of the Spirit To Restore the Divine Feminine

You purify the ego and regain your inner power by honoring the Feminine within and making the unconscious conscious. This entails taking full spiritual responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions, as well as the life-movie of your experience. Your reality is a reflection of your perception, although your ego creates the illusion of separation and, of course, the sense that you’re ‘right’ and ‘good’ while others are not, to maintain that illusion.

Restoring the Divine Feminine means bringing light to where there is darkness—in you—and surrendering your egoic perception to the spiritual forces within, with hope and faith, trusting that you’re a vehicle of Consciousness in this divine play you have no control of. And yes, those you judge or hate out there are also vehicles of Consciousness, playing their part and pushing you to find the way to heal and transcend the suffering of ego.

The subtle revolution happening now is a revolution of the Spirit, to restore the Feminine in all, and for this reason it’s unstoppable. Because it’s not about external power changing hands, but about discovering your true power and transforming the world from within—through your own transformation. Like water or air, the Feminine is fluid and flexible, and finds the way to bring love and awareness through the cracks of density. You support this process by healing the wounded Feminine in you.

So rather than losing hope because the external world is undergoing the karmic dynamics that need to be played out and resolved, focus on your inner world, from which all external manifestations emerge, and project more love and clarity into the collective unconscious. If you want world peace, develop inner peace; if you crave justice, heal the internal dynamics of your inner bully; if you yearn for tolerance and love, release all the judgment and resentment you’ve held for anyone, for any reason, any time. Your emotional energy colors your life-movie and also contributes to the collective movie you witness on the big screen of the world.

When we fell into 3rd dimension, the Divine Feminine—the abundant, creative, spiritual power in all—sunk into the subconscious, and the more masculine, physically-oriented aspects of the mind took over, shaping the ego and eventually distorting the balance of life; this painful disconnect is what the US presidential election is reminding us of on an subconscious level. Now we must heal what’s been suppressed for thousands of years and grieve our shattered illusions and losses from this and innumerable lifetimes, to honor the Divine Feminine—the Mother of the Universe, the Great Goddess, or the Shekhinah from which the whole Universe was born.

Healing the wounded Feminine means taking full spiritual responsibility to shift your internal dynamics of power into acceptance (forgiveness) and transformation, and dropping the victim-blame game, with self-awareness and the mental discipline to surrender all aspects of ego to the divine forces within. So contact me today to discover and harness the unstoppable creative power of the Feminine within and all around you!

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