Why the Path of Least Resistance Brings Clarity

find the path of least resistance with a spiritual mentor & coachFirst of all, while I promise to tend to the blog and newsletter more often than I have this year, I invite you to join me on social media, where I’ve been more active lately. I post brief wisdom snippets, and quotes, as well as some of my art, humorous spiritual memes, and personal observations/photos for inspiration and self-reflection to guide you from the suffering of duality to the bliss of non-duality. Choose your favorite platform below to follow me:

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Also, I apologize for the lack of continuity with my communication, but things haven’t been as smooth as I hoped. Not only because I lost the files I had been working on for months, as I mentioned on my last blog/newsletter, but mainly because for the past couple of years I’ve had to deal with health issues that got worse this year. Aside from many weird symptoms, my energy would suddenly crash, accompanied by intense chest pressure, so I had to put projects on hold to be able to tend to my daily responsibilities.

I went through a variety of tests and scans, which didn’t shed any light, and consulted several doctors that simply chucked everything up to “allergies” (although the allergist couldn’t find anything either). So I surrendered to my reality, following the path of least resistance and managing my energy as best as I could. Then, after a flu-like virus that hit me like a train and brought more stuff to the surface, as well as a personal conversation with a friend, I was finally able to figure out what was causing my chest pains, throat and eye issues, generalized inflammation, and some of the other symptoms, too!

It hasn’t been easy, but now I have clarity and a sense of direction to bring my body back into balance, even if it means making many lifestyle and dietary changes!

Throughout this process, however, I’ve realized that the idea of a podcast has to remain in the back burner for now, although I still want to offer workshops and form an online group to discuss the concepts and tools in You Are Your Healer to help more people implement the Swan Method and gain inner freedom. I will ask for your feedback regarding this soon, since I hope the next phase will start to take shape this coming year.

Following the path of least resistance often means postponing some of our desires and goals to overcome the obstacles we encounter in order to give continuity to our process of self-knowledge and maturity. But the path of least resistance also brings a deeper connection to the flow of life regardless of the external appearance of things. One thing I’ve learned over more than 30 years on the spiritual path is that when things don’t go your way, the best course of action is no action—that is, anchoring in your center until a clear path appears as you remove the ideas of what life should be and instead accept what is as it is (see Inner Peace Arises From Accepting What Is As It Is).

Life is love and it is also perfect, but the ego-mind creates illusions and expectations that produce a struggle between our desires and the reality we’re meant to experience and learn from. It makes no sense to fight with life because there is no separation between you and your life; without you there is no life-movie, so no experiences, no desire, and no drama (see Your Life-Movie Is a Dream Within a Dream). Everything in your reality arises from and with you. But it’s never easy to see things for what they are, without the tainting of desires, attachments, and fears blurring our path. So contact me today to learn how to manage your energy and follow the path of least resistance to gain the emotional and spiritual maturity that brings inner freedom!

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