Why Humility Is Essential For Healing

discover the power of humility with spiritual counselingIn an overly masculine world where external leadership and material success seem to be the ultimate goals in life, being humble can be considered a sign of inferiority or weakness. But true humility is an attribute of the Divine Feminine that connects you to the flow of love, health, and inner power.

Since the Feminine has been increasingly wounded and distorted, its qualities have been devalued to the point of believing that anything feminine in nature is insignificant and unreliable. This is one of the reasons why the masculine aspect of the ego-mind I call your ‘sense of otherness’ grows to become an inner bully while your sense of self, which is more inward and feminine, gets easily squelched.

To comprehend how the Feminine and Masculine interact with each other at every level and manifest in your reality, I encourage you to read The Indigo Journals: Spiritual Healing For Indigo Adults & Other Feminine Souls, but for the purpose of this article I’d like to focus on understanding the essence and miraculous potential of being humble. So what is humility and how does it affect the experience of your individualized life-movie?

First of all, being humble is not being subservient or a pushover; this idea comes from a wounded, victim-blame dynamic reinforced by the inner bully that pushes you to give your power away and traps you in an unconscious, codependent pattern of guilt and (self-)judgment. If you don’t please others, you feel guilty and if you’re forced to do something you don’t want to, you judge yourself as “less than” those you give your power to.

In other words, you stop loving yourself when other people don’t love or appreciate you for who you are. And as long as your inner bully is in control, you’re likely to attack yourself through others or try to control them. By ‘attacking’ I mean all the ways—big and small, obvious and subtle—that you beat yourself up by blocking or taking away the love, joy, health, peace, and abundance you yearn. You do this through your own victim-like perception that strengthens the inner bully and excludes you from the equation of love; it’s a vicious circle that must be broken.

Humility = Love + Flexibility + Acceptance

True humility develops as you dissolve a distorted sense of otherness, because this is the aspect of ego that keeps you emotionally stuck in the past, in a wounded child archetype in tantrum mode—through your own self-pity, resentment, judgment, and arrogance. This inner child needs love and nurturing, but from yourself, not others, and as long as it doesn’t get that, it remains stubbornly fixated on seeking love outside of yourself.

Since it’s hurt, it holds on to illusions and expectations to compensate for your lack of self-love, so you often end up in codependent dynamics where there is great attachment but no real love. The ego-mind considers itself the doer and owner of your experience; if you’re focused on external gratification, it remains in control. If you start looking within and opening up to the spiritual forces that actually animate and guide your experience, it loses the sense of ownership, leaving more room for your true sense of self to emerge.

This openness is the humility that leads to true power. It softens your barriers and connects you to the Divine Feminine within that flows as love, vitality, and both spiritual and material wealth. Relinquishing the internal doer that blindly follows the unconscious motivations and unresolved emotions of your wounded inner child empowers you to express yourself freely and pave the path toward the peace and fulfillment you long for.

As you let go of your fixations (unrequited love, disease and pain, what others do or don’t, etc.), you unburden yourself of the regrets and shattered illusions you’ve been holding on to. Which is another way of saying that to experience happiness you must relinquish your attachment to suffering. Being humble places you at the center of your experience, where judgment and attachment disappear, as you drop the sense of ownership to surrender to life. Then your own divine flow of love heals you from within. This center is your sense of self, and strengthening it is a dynamic yet ongoing process that requires you to:

  1. Accept everything in your reality as a reflection of your self-perception and what your soul wants you to experience and become aware of.
  2. Put your inner bully to sleep by dis-empowering (disbelieving) the impulses of the ego-mind.
  3. Discover your wounded motivations to stop feeling like the doer and surrender to the Divine Feminine, trusting that you are always supported and guided from within.

Humility yields clarity, inner peace, and a life filled with miracles. Are you ready for it? Then contact me today to unravel the unconscious patterns that keep you stuck in the past, preventing you from healing the wounded inner child, to experience your full potential and shape an authentic and abundant life you LOVE!

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