3 Keys To Finding True Love

find true love with spiritual counseling / coachingDo you seek the advice of psychics and readers because you wonder if there’s someone out there who’s the ‘right’ match for you? I used to do that when I was younger, whenever one of my relationships ended and I felt lonely. And boy, if I had a penny for every time they told me the right person was just around the corner… ;-)

Seriously, both the match making and the psychic industry account for millions of dollars spent each year because it’s our human nature to look for love. Unfortunately, the wounded, codependent patterns that feed a distorted self-perception push us to look for love in all the wrong places—trying to heal our own lack of love through others.

We are eternal souls, bumping into each other time and again, assuming innumerable roles to mend wrongdoings while also making mistakes as we learn to navigate life, so all relationships are karmic and eternal. Some are better than others, but they all have the same purpose: to help you realign with your true Self.

Your soul is a spark of Infinite Consciousness: it’s pure love and pure light in endless creative expansion, projecting itself to experience its many shapes and forms and then find its Oneness again. In this game of hide-and-seek, your soul drives you to become self-aware through your interactions, so all relationships mirror aspects of who you are: what you need to heal, nurture, develop, or let go of.

We’re here to help each other through our individual journey of evolution and involution, but not necessarily the way we think we need to. Since karma plays a big part in your interactions, more often than not help comes in the way of others poking the wounds you need to look at and take care of. And by wounds I mean all the places where you’ve disconnected from yourself (see Do You Really Need Spiritual Healing?).

True Love Equals Self-Alignment

Now, is human love possible or it is just an illusion—a dangling carrot coloring your perception—to keep you searching for your true divine nature? Well, due to the paradoxical quality of Consciousness, the answer is that it’s both. It is possible to experience human love, but it’s also an illusion to believe that love comes from outside of yourself.

Love is your true nature; it’s the feminine quality of Consciousness that nourishes and heals life, but your own attachments, desires, and unresolved emotions tend to block its flow. If you’re completely honest, you’ll recognize that you get more attached to those who reject you than to those who love you (and you probably take for granted). This is an impulse of the ego-mind to trap you in a wounded, victim-like perception. But is it love?

Because of its feminine quality, love is fluid and free; yet in the process of becoming attached, aiming to control another person’s behavior, or resisting any aspect of life, the ego-mind distorts love into fear, anger, resentment, or guilt, all of which block real love. This is why finding true love requires great emotional honesty and mental discipline. Not because it’s a mental process, but because you first need to remove everything that gets in the way of your soul integration and realignment.

Here are 3 keys to get you started on the path toward true love:

  1. Be completely independent and take full spiritual responsibility for your reality. Any sign of codependency keeps you stuck in a wounded child archetype, looking for someone else to heal what only you can.
  2. Look within to nurture your emotional and spiritual wounds—all the places where you’ve neglected to LOVE YOURSELF. Once you truly love who you are you’ll be able to see it reflected in your reality as well.
  3. Take all relationships slowly and with detachment. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, since they’re all karmic mirrors, but you can create partnerships in creative cooperation with someone who’s also willing to remain independent and take spiritual responsibility for their life instead of expecting you to heal their wounds or carry their emotional baggage.

If you’re ready to take a closer, more individualized look at how you establish relationships and what you need to do to break free from codependent patterns, contact me today to start shifting your perception and experience of love with spiritual counseling. Isn’t it time to take charge of your life and unleash the inner flow of true love you’ve been searching for outside of yourself?

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