What Are You Really Craving?

What Are You Really Craving? by Yol Swan: Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, Life & Business CoachDo you feel like there’s something missing in your life? Perhaps it’s a job or business you believe you’d really enjoy, a loving relationship, or success and recognition for what you do. And if you already have those things you’ve always wanted, are you still craving new experiences or connections (or more stuff)? Well, it’s natural for the mind to want more.

Desires are part of our nature, for without desire there would be no life. This whole Creation was born out of the Cosmic Mind’s desire to experience itself in a myriad forms. Our mind reflects this infinite creative potential as a non-stop “desire factory” that can both produce and hold ancient, almost forgotten desires as well as those we keep creating every day.

The thing is that the mind is so tricky that it can make you believe you should jump from one desire to another without reflecting on its value or purpose. So you start something, no matter how big or small of a project, only to leave it unfinished and quickly move on to the next one.

I know this too well.

I had 3 unfinished books.

Until I developed the discipline to focus only on one at a time.

Desires are powerful things. They carry the creative energy of the Universe. But are all your desires meant to be satisfied, or do some have other functions? Think about it for a minute. When you’re finishing a meal, do you have the impulse to continue eating even if you’re full? When a relationship ends, does your desire to be loved push you toward a new potential one? Or if your business isn’t going well, do you search for different training or the possibility of a new job or line of business?

Clarify Your Desires To Fulfill Your Dreams

Those are a few examples of impulsive, unconscious reactions. The same applies to any compulsive habits or addictions. They’re not necessarily true desires, but cover-ups for something deeper. When you overeat, you don’t really want more food; you’re hungry for something else. When you go from one relationship to another, you may think you’re looking for love, but you’re just running away from your heartache. And if you rush into more training or a new venture when something is not going well at work, you may be trying to hide your feelings of inadequacy or overwhelm.

In these cases, you’re really just trying to fill with other stuff a void only YOU can fill yourself. In essence, any desire carries within itself the potential to be manifest and satisfied, but since the soul is a multilayered energy complex driven to experience, grow, and evolve, not all desires are created equal. In other words, most are mere distractions and hindrances; they keep you busy but disconnected, always looking for greener pastures.

There are those that disguise and hide a deeper craving for the fulfillment of certain aspects in your life. They feed a distorted sense of “otherness,” that self-talk that keeps you believing that you cannot be trusted because you lack discipline and self-control. Yep, the one that brings back memories of being a scolded kid. And then there are a few that are true, deeply rooted motivations that respond to your life and soul purposes (which are two separate yet connected directives on your journey).

The question you should ask yourself when desires arise is, “What am I really craving, and does pursuing this take me closer to where I want to get and who I want to become?” If you really want to delve into your deepest, truest soul desires with the potential to create an enjoyable life, contact me today to get started on a unique transformational healing journey!

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