How Aligned With Your Goals Are You?

achieve your goals with an intuitive spiritual counselor coachI love stories of archers. They remind me of how focused I need to remain to achieve my goals. So I’d like to share this one with you.

In the Mahabharata, one of the great epics of India, master Dronacharya decided to test his students in their archery skills. After he hung a wooden bird from the branch of a tree, he called them outside. He then asked to aim for the bird’s eye without shooting at it until he said so.

Once they were all aiming at the bird, the teacher asked each pupil what he could see. One by one they replied that they saw the sky, the garden, the tree, flowers, and many other things, with the exception of Arjuna, who told his guru that the only thing he could see was the bird’s eye. Once he was allowed to shoot, that’s exactly where his arrow went straight into.

Arjuna was a great archer. Wherever his eye was aimed at, his arrow followed. His body and mind were absolutely synchronized; his bow was an extension of his body, and his body an extension of his mind. He was in perfect alignment. He had no doubts and no distractions hindering his attention and intention to reach his aim. Nothing else existed: such was the intensity of his focus.

Arjuna represents the single pointedness and concentration of a pure mind. It is this purity of mind, this “egoless-ness,” that we should aim for to reach our goals. No room for self-doubts or distractions of any kind. One-hundred percent concentration upon what we choose to experience, be it achieving independence, recognition, knowledge, abundance, happiness, or enlightenment.

Develop Focus and Concentration To Achieve Your Goals

The word “concentration” not only refers to the focus of attention on a particular object, but also to the coming together and the increase in strength or proportion resulting from removing any diluting agents in a substance. The fulfillment of any desire or goal requires focus of attention, but also a complete disregard for what is not conducive to that goal or purpose—anything that may be diluting your efforts. In doing so, you become one with our goal, perfectly aligned like Arjuna the archer.

Purity of mind does not necessarily mean that you must behave a certain way, or be “good” from any moral perspective, or judge yourself according to “saintly” actions. It simply means that you don’t allow any thoughts or judgments to distract you from your aim in the present moment. Of course, the more you clear the mind of thoughts and distractions, the more you allow the light of intuition, discrimination, and consciousness to shine through you.

Buddhism offers the concept of “emptiness” for this: when the fluctuations of the ego-mind cease and don’t get in the way of what you are doing—eating, speaking, cleaning, writing, playing, and so on—you are fully present in that particular moment. All illusions, fears, doubts, or expectations disappear. You are just being. This is the aim of yoga and all Eastern spiritual traditions. And this is inner peace.

From a soul perspective, you’re not here to merely fulfill all those goals, but to achieve alignment with yourself in the process. Your dreams and aspiration provide the motivation you need to get there: they inspire you to move forward. Once you reach them, you set out to conquer new ones, because this is the ever-expanding nature of your soul.

If you get distracted or procrastinate and do not fulfill them, you miss the opportunity to become aligned with yourself. Now, that is the real loss here. So if you’re ready to commit to your process of alignment and self-fulfillment, contact me today and receive the guidance and support you need to remain focused and on track with your goals and dreams!

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