Understanding Energy and Matter

manage your energy with spiritual counseling & coachingWhen Albert Einstein, who was a very spiritual man, expressed the mass-energy equivalence known as E = mc2, he was stating a Universal truth. The formula literally says that Energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. What this means is that energy and matter are equivalent and transmutable, that energy is never destroyed, only transformed, and more importantly, that what we perceive as matter is nothing but a projection of energy and light.

Eastern philosophies and sacred texts stated this truth thousands of years before Einstein, but he was the first one to prove it in the West with a scientific approach. The mass-energy equivalence also implies that any small amount of matter contains a very large amount of energy. Unfortunately, that is how nuclear bombs were conceived, but for the purpose of healing and self-growth this is a wonderful truth, because as you unblock energy within yourself, you discover that there is more and more energy available to you, that there is no limit to the source of conscious energy you actually emerged from and are part of. You are the one blocking it with an ego-driven mind that gives you the sense of separation, of an individual “I.”

Matter is energy filtered through the projection of light, through light at a very high speed, which is as immediate as your perception. Energy manifesting as matter is something that happens instantaneously, but energy always comes first. We are able to perceive our reality because Consciousness is projected on the mind, and not the other way around. In other words, the Universe is a beautiful crystallization of divine energy we call Consciousness. And so is your perceived reality, except that it is filtered by past experiences and tendencies from your subconscious. Just as the theory of relativity says that what appears as real is relative to our perspective, you experience a situation differently than someone else because your perception is tainted by your mind with past experiences, beliefs, desires, and expectations. It also depends on what you choose to focus on.

Quantum mechanics states, in a nutshell, that if you are looking at a particle (as an observer), you see the molecules of an experience; when you are not looking (i.e., there is no observer), then there are only waves of possibilities. So everything that is around you, which seems so material and solid, is nothing but possible movements of consciousness: you are choosing, moment to moment, what to bring into focus as your experience. In this sense, you could say that atoms are not matter, but tendencies in your subconscious. Who is the real observer in all of this, according to quantum physics? Consciousness! Which confirms what the ancient sages of the East knew thousands of years ago: matter is not solid, and Consciousness (the Self) is the real substance and matrix of the Universe.

Consciousness comes first, then energy, and then matter. Your mind is where your attention is, and your energy follows your mind. So everything you think, feel, say, and do is driven by energy and carries energy as well. Every thought, every emotion, every motivation, every word: they are all energy; that energy drives your thoughts and crystallizes as your reality. Furthermore, the energy you put out there creates energetic bonds and connections, just like every cell in the physical body is connected to every other cell. Your interaction with the world, both on a physical and mental levels, creates energy links that bind you and provide a continuous feedback for the mind. The closer you witness your mind, the more you can perceive these links.

When you practice meditation or any meditative discipline regularly, it becomes clear how the mind gets goes back to past events, and distracts you with trivial things you said or someone else said to you, and so on. If you focus on a negative thought, giving it more and more energy, it eventually takes over and controls you. This is how fear can emerge, grow, and paralyze you, or anger can increase exponentially, in a matter of minutes. It is also how your reality manifests the things you do not want in your life. So it is crucial to remember that you are energy, that you are Consciousness first, and that everything else is just a projection of your mind, so you choose wisely what to focus on to experience the reality you want. The great Sufi Master Hafiz writes:


Will someday split you open

Even if your life is now a cage,

For a divine seed, the crown of destiny,

Is hidden and sown on an ancient, fertile plain

You hold the title to.

Eventually we will all become light, energy, pure consciousness. We will all merge back with our Source. It is our true essence and our ultimate goal. Everything else is temporary and unreal, even though what we perceive as our reality seems so real, so material, so solid. In the meantime, with focus and mental self-discipline, you can create the reality you desire for yourself and co-create what you want in the world, and make the journey more enjoyable So contact me today to get started!

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