The Power of Affirmation

discover the power of affirmations with spiritual counseling & coachingOn New Year’s day, instead of “New Year’s resolutions,” I choose ONE word to impregnate the whole year. Why? Because it seems that when you give the mind too many choices or things to do, it always finds an excuse not to. Yep, those long lists about going to the gym, finding the perfect job, and emptying a cluttered basement never really worked for me.

But if I choose just one word like, say, “Abundance,” then I can build many affirmations around it throughout the year to empower and energize my intentions while opening up to the guidance of my soul. You should try this, even if it’s not New Year’s day, and experience for yourself how it works. Be observant and you will discover that the Universe will show you the true meaning (and different aspects) of the word or concept you chose!

I believe it was Paramahansa Yogananda who introduced the power of affirmations in the West (before the New Age movement popularized them) as a tool to transcend the ego-mind. Repetition creates an imprint that overpasses the inner mental censor and goes into the subunconscious, awakening your creative power to bring things into reality. To be effective, affirmations have the following characteristics:

  • They are positive. Always state what you want, never what you don’t want, because doing so disempowers you and your affirmations.
  • They are personal. Use “I am,” “I do,” and “I attract” type statements. The affirmation has to come from your “I” center.
  • They are in the present tense. Affirmations are effective when you truly believe that what you are stating is already true and real. Avoid words like “someday” or “soon.”
  • They are specific. The more specific, the better, because the spiritual forces within you need to know exactly what you want to have a clear direction.
  • They are believable. If you create affirmations about attracting a great abundance of money or a true love, but don’t really believe that it is possible, or that it could happen to you, or that you deserve it, then you are wasting your time. You have to have the absolute certainty that what you are stating is true and is meant to be yours. Any doubts will sabotage the energy behind your affirmations.
  • Do not doubt your self. This is key in creating what you want. Step into the emotional aspects of your affirmation (and desire), imagining it to be true, to be real, as if it has already happened, and experience how that makes you feel. Spend time there, and if any doubts or negative emotions pop up, work on letting go of those and then go back to your affirmation.

You can repeat those affirmations to yourself in front of the mirror, leave sticky notes everywhere for you to see, say them out loud after your meditation, or even record and listen to them as you fall asleep. Be creative. After all, you are tapping into the creative potential of your divine nature here. Keep it simple, keep it real, and let the Universe flush away those negative beliefs and respond in miraculous ways!

Feel free to let me know what this brings into your life, and contact me today to learn other spiritual tools to transform your reality, in alignment with your soul path and purpose!

© 2011 Yol Swan. All rights reserved.