Do You Know What You Really Want?

discover your true purpose with spiritual counseling & coachingHave you noticed that a lot of people, if not most, don’t know what they want? They jump from one thing to another, thinking the ‘grass is always greener elsewhere’ or they stick to a certain career, relationship, set of habits, or belief system because these somehow landed on their lap and they’re too afraid to question things or end up in a void of sorts that would require them to clarify, well, what they truly want.

But if you don’t know what you want, how can you find a sense of purpose in what you do? If you do things just because you’re supposed to, to please others or the self-images you identify with, a sense of dissatisfaction will follow you, like a big, invisible question mark above your head. In truth, the question underlying “What do I truly want?” is: “Who am I?” and it requires a deeper exploration than the mere gratification of fleeting desires.

You may be doing things for different reasons, including an addiction to work (or busyness), instant gratification or validation, or even an unconscious sense that if you’re not productive, active, and busy in some way you’re worthless. The real issue, however, is whether these things connect or disconnect you from yourself. Whether you use them to further know yourself or you’re just trying to escape from yourself through the self-images you create—of being good, successful, productive, responsible, and so on.

Now, you can also be doing things you want and yet experience a resistance pointing you in a different direction, because the ego-mind will invariably make you feel you should be someone other than who you are, doing something other than what you’re doing. But if you embrace the process, no matter what it may be, and use the present moment to discover new aspects of yourself and uncover your ego-based motivations, you will in time realize what you truly want—a deeper yearning to fully express yourself and embrace your place in the Universe.

Clarity & Discrimination Bring Happiness

This distinction can be tricky. Your soul is nudging you in one direction, toward greater integration and a higher perception of yourself and your place in the world, while the ego-mind is coloring this perception with past energy and impressions to keep you spinning in the same emotional place—of dissatisfaction, compartmentalization, and ‘fuzzyness.’ Of course, this happens at the same time, so it’s not easy to discern which sense to trust or what action to take. That is, until you comprehend that you’re really looking for yourself in everything you do, and learn to listen to your inner voice while disbelieving the ego-mind that gets in the way of your clarity and happiness.

I hope these guidelines will provide a good place to start:

  • Stop believing you’ll find your truth through logic;
  • Surrender to the spiritual forces within with daily spiritual practices;
  • Accept where you are now (no regrets, no expectations) but be open to new possibilities of perception;
  • Carve regular time and space to be alone, immersed in a creative endeavor;
  • Take walks or breaks to connect to your breathing and for the sheer joy of ‘doing nothing’ and simply ‘being’;
  • Be introspective, self-aware and attentive to your inner voice and intuitive senses;
  • Be humble and accept guidance to shift your perspective and stretch beyond your comfort zone.

Insight comes when you open up to something new, letting go of your fears and attachments; it often comes unexpected, when the ego-mind is out of the way even for just a moment, because it usually blocks a deeper sense of being connecting you to Consciousness, where absolutely everything is already known and manifest. Manifesting means ‘perceiving’ so the clarity of who you really are and what you truly want demands the emptiness of mind that results from letting go of everything you are not: your fears, attachments, and self-images.

But when you’re busy in the world, trying to navigate life and work as you figure things out, while dealing with relationships and all the challenges that the changing nature of life entails, it’s very easy to slide back into familiar patterns of thought and perception, disguised as something new by the ego-mind in control of your life-movie. We all need discipline, guidance, and support to unravel these patterns and start seeing our emotional blinders, to effect any transformation.

So contact me today to delve deeper within yourself, to uncover the yearnings of your soul and your true purpose in life!

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