The Spiritual Power of Grieving

emotional freedom & personal growth with spiritual counseling & coachingNobody likes to suffer. We all want to hold on to what brings pleasure, if momentarily, while doing whatever we can to skirt around our wounds and uncomfortable feelings. The external world is very fixated on sensory gratification and avoiding the pain that comes from being human—often disregarding the emotional and spiritual price of such disconnection.

But life is fluid, constant change, unpredictable and challenging no matter who or how successful or accomplished you may be. For this reason, pain is unavoidable, but it can lead back to yourself.

You are a complex, multilayered soul whose psycho-emotional body gets attached to things and people; you encounter health obstacles and decline physically as you age, along with the people you love. You may not always be able to fulfill your desires or get what you want, or for as long as you want it. And you’re forced to deal with difficult situations and experience loss, like everyone else. It’s all part of life. But the real problems arise when you try to avoid the afflictions of your human condition.

You may choose to remain in the mental realms, not allowing yourself to feel things, or numbing your emotions with all sorts of illusions, drugs, alcohol, or any other type of addiction or compulsion. You may even think you can mentally control the future thinking positive thoughts, often to end up disappointed and dissociate from your present. Your reality results from past impressions and actions stored in your subconscious, so you can’t see these until they find their way into your life-movie.

Befriend Your Subconscious With Self-Awareness

You can manage your energy to heal the past and shape a better future, but you simply cannot control life, for this is not the purpose of your existence; whenever you try, you pay the price of disconnecting from your own flow of life and love. Avoidance is the opposite of awareness, so it keeps you from transcending the ego-mind that causes your pain and from discovering your personal and divine potential.

In spiritual terms, the subconscious is known as the causal body, because it’s the layer of your soul where the root causes of your life’s unfolding lie (in seed or potential form). It’s from here that your soul journey is projected as your life-movie; this energy layer is closer to the core of your soul—that is, your true Self—than the mental, emotional, and physical aspects, so the further your awareness is from this layer—the more unconscious of yourself you are—the more you’re likely to suffer.

The causal body is also the spiritual layer that holds your intuitive senses and positive tendencies, as well as the higher reality of your divinity that shows up as joy, peace, love, and bliss. If you’ve read The Indigo Journals, you know I consider this the realm of the Divine Feminine, where your creative power is hidden. But it’s also from this memory bank that the ego-mind pulls negative tendencies and patterns to remain in control of your perception.

Your life unfolds though the karmic dynamics of previous incarnations: the creative power of your soul projects the past as the manifestation of your reality and the ego-mind colors your experience of it to keep you emotionally in the past, while blocking the awareness of the real cause of your distress: the disconnection from yourself. Grieving is your way back to you.

Grieving is essential when you lose someone you’ve loved; without giving yourself permission to grieve, in your own time and manner, you’ll not only carry the pain within you; you’ll maintain a disconnection from yourself as well. In this case, grief comes in waves, often when you least expect it; allowing the waves to swallow you as they come and letting them go as they fade is crucial to heal. As you embrace your grief, you gradually dissolve the attachment that causes pain.

Pleasure Puts You To Sleep and Pain Wakes You Up

But grieving is also part of the process of growing—especially when we’re talking about spiritual growth. Any disconnection from Divine Consciousness (or true Love) causes pain, and by healing the pain you rediscover to your true nature. As you experience things and learn from the contrasts in your experiences—between pleasure and suffering—you start discerning and making wiser choices to realign with your soul, where true Love abides.

Through your process of individuation you had to say goodbye to the freedom and energy of childhood, to the events of younger years, and to people and situations you left behind to continue on your individual path. No matter what stage of life you’re in, this is never easy, because the ego-mind is attached to the familiar, but as you move forward you encounter new things and people, you pursue and fulfill new desires, and you explore new aspects and phases of life.

This process of individuation eventually leads you to look within once you start questioning your choices and yearn to understand yourself and your life. Then you must grieve and let go of all the aspects you’ve been unconsciously holding on to that don’t serve you: your guilt, expectations, illusions, resentments, painful memories, regrets, and unfulfilled desires. Furthermore, the self-images that give you a false sense of safety, as well as the hidden needs you’ve maintained in an attempt to heal the wounds of childhood: the need to be right, to be ‘good’ or even perfect, to be liked and loved, to be needed, to be useful, to be invisible, to be responsible, to fix things or people, and to rescue others.

Grieving comes from letting go of these identifications; these are your tendencies of perception, and you’ve been attached to them for a very long time. So only you can release them and free yourself from the future they will certainly create if you let them remain in your causal body. More importantly, grief makes you humble, softer, more fluid, connecting you to the flow of life with all its fluctuations—unless, of course, you shut down instead of grieving (see Why Humility Is Essential For Healing).

Sometimes you may hurt for others, if life sends you in a different direction to find yourself, but nothing is more painful than recognizing your lack of self-love and all the ways you’ve blocked love in your life. When you’re ready to grieve your own sense of disconnection—that is, the loss of your sense of self—you allow true Love to come through the cracks to melt your barriers and distorted self-images. It’s a victory over the ego-mind that wants to hold on to the past and the defense mechanism that keep it in charge of your experiences.

So contact me today to embark on an individualized journey of spiritual healing to design a brighter future, in alignment with your soul, as you discover and befriend your causal body to develop emotional and spiritual freedom!

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