The Insidiousness of Guilt & Fear

shed your unconscious guilt and fear with intuitive spiritual counselingAre you aware that your emotions are manifestations of your thoughts that precede the actions you take to justify them? What you think creates emotional patterns that unconsciously push you to do things to reinforce your beliefs. It’s a catch-22 the ego-mind constantly reinforces. If your beliefs are self-defeating, their underlying emotions will color your perception with unpleasant experiences.

When I was younger, starting off on my journey of self-awareness and the exploration of the mind, I was very intrigued by Freud’s discovery that guilt precedes the crime. How could it be possible that a destructive act was a way to justify previous guilty feelings one didn’t want to acknowledge? At the time it sounded illogical, so I made it my mission to really understand this.

Over years of delving deep within I’ve learned that anything is possible in the realm of the subconscious, because both collective and individual past impressions are stored there. So not only can guilt motivate most of our negative or self-destructive behaviors; all actions are driven by the need to justify emotional habits and beliefs. Basically, this is how the ego-mind traps you in a mental loop to keep you emotionally in the past—in a wounded child archetype.

But the subconscious is also where the Divine Feminine abides, with all its creative and expansive power: your healing, transformative, and spiritual forces lie hidden there, waiting for you to discover them. To utilize these spiritual resources to shape a different reality, you must befriend your emotional terrain; it weaves the fabric of your life.

Guilt and Fear Are Your Worst Emotional Enemies

Now, among unconscious emotions, guilt is one of your most pernicious and destructive enemies. The other one is fear, but you are usually more aware of it. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that both are the most common emotional currencies in our excessively masculine world: they’re used to shape and manipulate behavior on both an individual and collective level. But guilt is subtler and harder to pinpoint, since you don’t need to do anything wrong to feel guilty; it’s the disconnection from your inherent innocence that shapes self-defeating beliefs, patterns, and behaviors.

These emotional currencies yield much suffering because they go against the nature of the soul: fear is the opposite of love, and guilt is the opposite of freedom, and both love and freedom are your true nature. Organized religions have used them to control the masses; governments have used them to justify and wage wars; authority figures and systems to impose the illusion of order; parents and teachers to mold the behavior of children. The mass media bombards you with them on a regular basis; friends, partners, and spouses use them to make you meet their needs and expectations; and you also use them for similar reasons.

Since these are the currencies everyone works with in their relationships and interactions with the world, they’ve become dynamic energies within you. The problem is that their familiarity has made them invisible. You can, however, recognize them at work in your negative self-talk and self-defeating responses; they become obvious when you move toward further emotional freedom or when you set goals to fulfill your dreams and aspirations, because they turn into resistance.

These are emotional enemies you need to recognize everywhere and see them for what they really are: energies you had no choice but to adopt as a child, unconsciously absorbing distorted cultural values, since you were learning how things worked and what the world was all about. In a nutshell, the unconscious beliefs reinforced by those in power, to maintain a sense of lack and vulnerability in the world, you must become aware of and counteract are:

1. You don’t deserve to be happy or fulfill your desires when there is suffering around you.

2. If you are successful, happy, and free, you’re taking something away from someone, because there is never enough (love, money, recognition, success, time, and so on) for all.

3. And if you take something away from someone (just by being happier or freer), you must be punished.

So here’s the million-dollar question for you: can you recognize all the patterns, beliefs, situations, and attitudes where your unconscious guilt prevents you from allowing you to perceive and receive what you really want? The statements in bold above are your hints. Contact me today and start mastering your emotional terrain to free yourself from these and other destructive energies that go against your emotional freedom and true spiritual nature!

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