Merry Christmas and Saturn In Sagittarius!

Merry Christmas from Yol Swan: Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Life & Business CoachAre you out there, rushing to get the last Christmas gifts on your list? I sure hope not! But if you are, don’t forget to breathe deeply and remind yourself that this is a time to enjoy and celebrate. A time for love. So don’t exclude yourself!

More importantly, regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this is the time of the year to revisit and review what you’ve done throughout the year and to be grateful for what you’ve received and accomplished. It’s also a great opportunity for rebirth (the symbolic birth of your Christ/Crystaline nature) and spiritual reflection, since this year both the Winter Solstice and Saturn moving into Sagittarius happened around the same time, right before Christmas.

Are you ready to integrate the spiritual with the material, the ethereal with the practical, and the adventurous with the responsible in you? Because this is what the next two years or so will be all about: new beginnings, new adventures, and new risks balanced out by full responsibility for the reality you create.

Beware, the Universe will be testing how honest and in alignment with yourself you really are!

Yep, this is the time when simply acquiring the language of what you desire, as most people do on the spiritual path, won’t be enough. You’re going to have to walk your talk! So start by celebrating who you are, give thanks to those around you who support your growth, and get ready to do what it takes to bring into reality the things you’ve been dreaming of or yearning for.

Have a wonderfully unique and Merry Christmas with those you love!

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