The Balance of Feminine and Masculine Energies

Balance the feminine and masculine within with intuitive spiritual counselingHave you been feeling this push and pull of energy since the beginning of the year? It’s like we’re split between following up with projects and wanting to do nothing—between taking bold action and passively giving it all up. This is the feminine and masculine seeking integration, which is something we’ll continue to experience for quite a few years. But what does it mean and how can you find balance among these energy swings?

If you observe how excessively masculine the world has become and how this has polarized our perception of the feminine, it’s easier to understand that restoring the Divine Feminine on the planet cannot come without struggle. The Divine Masculine is active, expansive, goal-oriented energy while the Divine Feminine is receptive, fluid, creative potential. When polarized, the former turns forceful and destructive while the latter turns passive and unconscious.

Everyone was excited about the changes predicting a better world in 2012, and I insisted on letting go of the illusions that external forces were coming to rescue us, pointing out the conscious effort this magnificent shift would require. Your effort is greatly needed. A global consciousness shift cannot happen without the individual shifts we each have to work for.

The healing of the Earth is achieved through your own transformation. Through the balance of feminine and masculine energies within. And the integration of active and passive tendencies—of life and death.

I am not referring to the physical but to your spiritual life and death: how enthusiastic or disconnected you are from your life; and how mindful and invested your are in what you do. Integrating the feminine and masculine means being purposeful and goal-oriented without losing sight of the fact that you are a vehicle of the Divine, not the real doer.

Integrating the Feminine and Masculine Within Is Your Soul Purpose

Your life purpose is to accomplish things in the world, but your soul purpose is to expand consciousness. Your soul doesn’t care about diplomas and awards; it is continuously nudging you to transcend the ownership claimed by the ego-mind, to help you find your true center. Why? Because from that center absolutely anything is possible; it is your place of feminine creative power. And it is from this inner center that you can and will help transform the planet.

You can think of integrating the feminine and masculine like one of those balancing games where you direct a ball along a lane you want it to follow by shifting either the direction, speed, or level along its path to avoid other lanes you don’t want the ball to go through. So if it’s moving too far to the left, you have to shift the direction to the right to bring it back where you want. You get the idea.

In life, this means that you have to develop the self-discipline to follow through with any existing project while remaining open and flexible to the spiritual forces within you. You take clear action to fulfill your desires, but you keep an eye on that ego-mind that wants to keep you trapped in the illusion of external validation. Otherwise your emotions will go up and down with self-judgment and resistance.

When you do things for their own sake, with no agendas or illusions, completely focused and engaged, they become a meditation. If you then recognize the fruits of your labor as belonging to the Divine within, you open up to greater creative possibilities. This is known as karma yoga and it’s the easiest way to integrate the feminine and masculine without renouncing the world. It’s mindful action but with detachment (no ego).

Balancing in and out, self and otherness, feminine and masculine can be quite a juggling act. Are you ready to master it while you become anchored in your inner center? Contact me today to gain a deeper understanding of the energies at play and the shifts you must go through to experience a higher reality and fulfill your soul purpose on the Earth plane!

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