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master what the new year has in store with spiritual counseling & coachingHappy New Year! This is going to be a year to remember… But before I go into details, sit quietly for a moment and let a word for the year come intuitively to you. That one word will become a theme for you to explore, learn more about, or experience throughout the year, in both obvious and subtle ways, to help you expand your horizons.  I’ve been doing this for years, and it has provided many ‘aha!’ moments and allowed me to discover hidden angles of the concept I’ve chosen as my word for the year. Give it a shot and remain attentive! See if it matches this year’s general themes: EXPRESSION, COMMUNICATION, EXPANSION.

Now, why is 2019 a year we’ll remember and what’s in store for you this year? Well, first of all, Saturn is in Capricorn and Jupiter in Sagittarius for most of the year. Saturn will continue what it started last year (see Master the Power of Commitment in 2018), holding everyone accountable and demanding more discipline and responsibility to grow out of the wounded child archetype most people are stuck in. But this year the focus shifts from relationships (unless, of course, this is a 2 personal year number for you) to your emotional and creative expression, goals, and personal growth.

Saturn is all about developing discipline, patience, and maturity, and it will often shatter your illusions, forcing you to face things you’ve been hiding from or trying to avoid. This may be painful, but it’s necessary to resolve karmic dynamics and diminish the ego-mind that gets in the way of true happiness and fulfillment. Saturn in Capricorn will continue challenging the foundation of your life through 2020, because it wants you to rebuild it in greater alignment with yourself. The expansive energies of 2019 and Jupiter in Sagittarius will offer greater clarity for the path ahead.

Balancing Saturn, Jupiter & Neptune

Jupiter moved from Scorpio into Sagittarius last November, which is an important shift toward higher truths and realities. Contrary to Saturn, Jupiter is the generous, gentle cosmic teacher; in the sign it rules, it urges you to increase your cultural and spiritual awareness, broaden your experiences, expand your higher mind (as opposed to the lower ego-mind), and have faith in something greater than you.

The main goal here is to discover what makes you YOU and what is truly important so you can shed everything that keeps you trapped in self-images and illusions preventing you from being true to yourself. Jupiter in Sagittarius wants you to be generous, tolerant, and inspirational, and to really practice what you preach. Believe in yourself and your goals, which will bring new opportunities and possibilities, but be careful not to become overly optimistic or fall into any excess. Balance is key, and I’m sure Saturn will keep things in check, along with the eclipses this year holding strong grounding energies.

However, there are few planetary aspects occasionally opposing Jupiter’s expansive, lucky nature to highlight where this balance may be faulty. In particular, Neptune can make things fuzzy, increasing unrealistic expectations as well as a general restlessness, to magnify the consequences of your own disorganization and lack of commitment. Routine may feel particularly unsatisfying, but you must watch for a tendency to evade or avoid things, and how you justify your avoidance.

It’s essential to establish clear goals and follow through with discipline, regularity, and continuity to counteract this tendency and discover a new spiritual inspiration, as you shed false beliefs and expectations. This will help you better express who you really are and what you truly want, which is what this year is about. But not without allowing some fun adventures or the expansion of wisdom along the way!

Numerology Predictions For 2019

In divine synchronicity, the digits in 2019 add up to 12 (2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12), which is considered a universal number promising amazing opportunities for greater happiness, fulfillment, and well-being. It’s also the number of learning and higher knowledge. You may need to put aside the usual distractions and commit to your projects as well as a daily meditation practice in order to nurture the wisdom needed to elevate your life and drop the usual egoic dramas. Learn to go with the flow, accepting life as it unfolds, but without neglecting what keeps you anchored in yourself.

Number 12 can be reduced to 3 (1 + 2 = 3), the sacred trinity found in most religious and spiritual traditions, as well as our general patterns of perception. Yes, we tend to view the world in sets of 3: body, mind, spirit; Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva; id, ego, superego; conscious, pre-conscious, subconscious, and so on. And we also tend to triangulate our relationships instead of creating direct interactions in balanced responsibility. This is something a year 3 will likely bring to your awareness after last year’s challenges in the area of partnerships.

The positive aspects of number 3 are: lightness, luck, innocence, truth, self-expression, creativity, communication, beauty, optimism, and abundance. Of course, everything has a shadow side, and the 3 energy is no exception. The negative aspects may include: depression, sorrow, guilt, gossip, oppression, destruction, lies, enemies, ugliness, pessimism, cynicism, rejection, scandal, and excess.

Both positive and negative aspects are meant to show you how easily you equate happiness with superficial and shallow things, so although a Year 3 tends to be light and fun, it also has the potential for deeper and more meaningful forms of happiness. Remain centered and positive, asking yourself at every step, “How do I feel about this, and is it taking me closer to what I want?” Then you’ll be able to enjoy what life has to offer more than ever before!

I believe this is a year you’ll remember, because it’s fueled to bring significant changes, both personally and collectively. You’re likely to experience greater confidence and optimism while releasing outdated beliefs and illusions, to discover new ways to connect to the flow of your life with gratitude and love.

It’s also imbued with a bolder energy and a greater desire to get things done. Ideas, plans, or projects you started in previous years will show signs of movement and progress now. Keep these general energies in mind when you read what your personal year has in store for you.

Your Personal Year Number

To calculate your personal year number, add the digits of your birth month and day to 2019. For instance, if you were born on June 9th, you’d add: 6 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 27, then reduce to: 2 + 7 = 9, so your personal year would be a year 9. You can also use a shortcut: 6 + 9 + 3 = 18, then 1 + 8 = 9. Now let’s take a look at the energies of each personal year.

YEAR 1: New beginnings, projects, goals, births (or rebirths), possible new relationships. One is the energy of Oneness, individuality, creativity, and independence. This year for you is: Get set, ready, go! It’s time for you to spring into action and make the changes you’ve been craving. Define your priorities and goals to move forward. Last year may have been a bit tricky, but now you should be able to follow your heart without letting anyone hold you back. Stay focused on your goals and you’ll go far. The keys to your success are discipline and logical, methodical thinking. Say hello to success in 2019! Good words for this year are: CHANGE, CONFIDENCE, SUCCESS.

YEAR 2: Relationships, partnerships, balanced responsibility.  Two is the energy of duality, of the illusion of separation, which it tends to instigate with misunderstandings. Since 2 is too close to the energies of 2019, you’ll feel pulled in opposite directions, having to choose between your individual expression and other people’s needs or demands. It can be a ‘touchy’ year when it comes to relationships, so be flexible and patient, and put communication ahead of confrontation. Dream big at the beginning of the year and gradually put your ideas in place to make them a reality. A career change may be in store; value your talents and experience to find a field that really interests you. Learn to remain detached but focused, you are slowly moving towards your goals! Good words: PATIENCE, COOPERATION, BALANCE.

YEAR 3: Emotional honesty, creative expression, excitement, good luck. Since your personal year matches the general energies of 2019, you’ll feel them more intensely as the year unfolds. Three is the energy of self-expression, and this year will present you with the opportunity to shake things up a little and add some excitement to your daily life. This is set to be a very lucky and prosperous year for you! You dream of freedom and spontaneity, and now you can have exactly what you want. Allow the abundance of life to come to you, but don’t lose sight of your goals and objectives, or indulge in any excess. Remain open to new possibilities but anchored in your creative projects; have fun with others without losing your independence or leaving your projects unfinished. Good words: BEAUTY, SELF-EXPRESSION, LUCK, ABUNDANCE.

YEAR 4: Stability, hard work, safety, limitations. Four is the energy that promotes stability, so it creates a bit of chaos to help you clarify and build upon what 1, 2, and 3 have provided. It’s usually a year of hard work, to develop patience and perseverance, but this year you’ll be more motivated to work on and improve things on all levels. If you find difficulties and obstacles, use both your creativity and logic to overcome them and move closer to your dreams. If you take risks this year, make sure you think things through to avoid future disappointments; if you make good choices, you’ll establish a solid foundation for the future. Good words: ORGANIZATION, CONCENTRATION, FLEXIBILITY.

YEAR 5: Freedom, changes, travel, spontaneity, entrepreneurship. Five is the energy of freedom, which gets easily scattered without the boundaries and clarity of the previous year numbers. If you’ve been disciplined and on task, you’ll start reaping the rewards of both inner and outer work. This is a year you’ll feel invigorated and motivated, as well as aware of the potential to succeed in all areas of your life. Dream big when it comes to your career and take the necessary risks to continue along a prosperous path. You may experience some changes that, in alignment with the energy of 2019, will nudge you to move, to travel to new, exciting places, or to start (or expand) a new business or venture. Remain flexible but centered, to avoid to many distractions or disruptions that may lead to anxiety. This year will be much lighter and positive for you. Good words: ADVENTURE, CHANGE, SURPRISE, FREEDOM.

YEAR 6: Responsibility, family, community, health. Six is the energy of responsibility needed to harness the lessons acquired through the previous year numbers. It promotes creative cooperation for the good of the family or community, but can also feel heavy with obligations or health issues. You will likely face some difficulties this year, but if you remain determined, optimistic, and detached, you will succeed in your endeavors. Some changes coming your way will be life-changing, but since the overall energy of this year is creative and positive, it may clarify how to bring your inner vision into reality. Develop full spiritual responsibility for your life and take better care of your physical body as well. Good words: SELF-LOVE, FORGIVENESS, LETTING GO.

YEAR 7: Trust, spirituality, intuitive senses, faith. Seven is the energy of spirituality that helps take the experiences of previous year numbers to a deeper level. For this reason, it’s may present challenges on the worldly aspects of life, nudging you to look for something deeper as you learn to trust that you’re always guided and supported. The general energies of 2019 make this a great time to bring your dreams into reality! Time to overcome what’s been holding you back, drop your anxieties and guilty feelings, and start listening to your inner voice to move to the next level. Be brave and confident, and take risks on yourself. You’ll develop greater clarity about your life path if you trust your inner voice. Good words: TRUST, FAITH, SELF-AWARENESS.

YEAR 8: Power, recognition, appreciation, abundance. Eight is the energy of power and abundance resulting from your commitment during the previous year numbers. If you’ve developed discipline, flexibility, and gratitude, this year will help you recognize how to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Saturn’s number is 8, and in alignment with the energies of 2019, you’ll be able to appreciate and expand your authority and expertise without power struggles or the need to control. Be honest with yourself and question whether you are happy with the way things are now; then use your creative power to transform what isn’t working. Remain flexible and positive, but also realistic and practical to balance the material and spiritual aspects of life. You can expect some surprises during this year. Good words: LEADERSHIP, ABUNDANCE, RECOGNITION, MATURITY.

YEAR 9: Completion, integration, integrity, fruition, preparation, humanity. Nine is the energy of completion, of integration of previous years, encouraging you to decide which loose ends to tie and which things and people to keep or let go of. It’s a year of cleaning house, closing circles, and releasing what no longer serves you, in preparation for something new. In alignment with the energies of 2019, you should focus on the positive aspects of your life as you plan for the future. Old, painful memories may surface, perhaps through some crisis, but you will grow stronger once you forgive and release the negative energy you’ve been unconsciously holding on to. Good words: SERVICE, INTEGRATION, FORGIVENESS.

This is a quick overview of the main energies this year has in store. Contact me today to understand your individual soul path and purpose, and learn to balance the tendencies and habits blocking your emotional and spiritual growth. Make this year the year you fully embrace life as a soul-guided journey of creative self-exploration and spiritual fulfillment!

Wishing You All the Best for this year, and always! ♥

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