It’s Time To Grow Emotionally & Spiritually!

heal your inner child with spiritual counseling & coachingWhen the Sun moves from the Tropic of Capricorn (representing the father) to the Tropic of Cancer (the mother), in mid-January, it marks the beginning of the harvest season on the Lunar Calendar. In India, it is known as Makar Sankranti (see Are You Ready To Hit the Ground Running?).

It’s when Mother Nature begins to wake up and things start moving forward. It’s just the beginning of movement, but the beginning is when you plant the seeds of things to come.

And this year it is more important than ever to pay attention to what you’re investing in and agreeing to with your time and energy, which you’ll be able to consolidate next year and hopefully start harvesting in 2021. You’ll probably feel like a different person by then, and your perception of the world is also going to be different. But first you need to grow out of the wounded child archetype you’ve identified with most of your life!

How do you accomplish this? First, to understand this archetype, remember how you felt as a young child. Aside from the higher energy and capacity to navigate life making the best of it, think of what your environment expected of you. I’m going to guess it was to behave like some kind of little ‘adult.’ You were supposed to know things you couldn’t know at a young age and you felt wrong if you didn’t.

Your role was to meet the needs of others even if they weren’t clear; you felt guilty if your self-expression found opposition and you believed you were responsible for other people’s emotional states even if you didn’t do anything harmful. This created a lot of confusion—about yourself, about life, and about others—that created a disconnection from yourself and the flow of your life. If you weren’t free to express who you were, you couldn’t grow emotionally, since self-expression is a crucial aspect of self-growth.

Healing The Wounded Inner Child

So a big part of you got stuck there, feeling alone and confused, with a big sense of obligation to please others in order to redeem yourself from your ‘wrongness.’ Now, you weren’t really wrong, but you were made to feel that way when you didn’t meet someone else’s expectations—or rather, their wounded child archetype’s. But this created fear and guilt about being and expressing yourself, because you were supposed to be what others needed you to be. You unconsciously accepted this dynamic and then continued investing in it throughout your life.

The problem is that you can’t be really happy when you’re not yourself, and now you’re confused about who you are and what you want, secretly holding envy and resentment toward others. Fear and guilt are the opposite of love and freedom—the essential aspects of your soul. They shaped your wounded child archetype and still keep it in place, although it’s been reinforced with other negative emotions and beliefs as well.

This is why you heal with self-awareness, self-love, and self-expression—to counteract the toxic effects of the emotional energies disconnecting you from your sense of self and your true Self. In alignment with this year’s underlying energetic tendencies (see Master the Power of Commitment in 2018 and Main Astrology & Numerology For 2019), here are some simple but effective guidelines for you:

  • Develop conscious discipline. Nothing is ever accomplished without effort and discipline. You may start slowly, but give continuity to the habits that help you accomplish your goals. The wounded child archetype loves procrastination!
  • Be completely honest. First with yourself and then with others. The wounded child archetype hides and lies out of fear, but hiding robs you of your presence and lying is a severing action that fuels negative karma.
  • Set clear boundaries. Value your time and energy, and choose your commitments mindfully. Fuzziness creates confusion and resentment, with which the ego-mind traps you in your wounded past.
  • Nurture what connects you to you. The wounded child archetype represents stagnant energy disconnecting you from yourself. Carve time and space for spiritual, introspective, and creative practices to invest in you and integrate any orphaned aspects.
  • Take spiritual responsibility. Stop blaming others or complaining about your life (or the world) and take responsibility for your perception, which is what creates your experience of life—how you navigate your life-movie.

The ancient sage Lao Tzu said, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But more often than not, the first steps are the hardest to take, because your own resistance to grow gets in the way. You can’t grow spiritually without emotional freedom. So contact me today to receive the guidance and support you need to discover who you really are and what you truly want, to move in the direction of your destiny!

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