Life Flows Between Hope and Despair

reclaim a sense of hope with spiritual counseling & coachingThese certainly are challenging and contradictory times. On one hand, we witness the disheartening reality of climate change, social violence and injustice, racial and gender inequality, political corruption, wealth disparity, and an escalating disregard for life. On the other, profound shifts in ideas, perspectives, and awareness are shaping up a higher paradigm teeming with possibilities.

The world is ego, and as such it has been ruled by sensory perception for centuries. Waging wars of all kinds, chasing the instant gratification of desires, and valuing material possessions above everything else are self-defeating patterns humans have repeated over and over while on a power-hungry search for a false, temporary fulfillment. Modern technology makes all this more intense and destructive, but it also allows a more global exchange of information and resources to take place as we search for and contribute sustainable solutions.

Although the technological aspects have changed, none of this is really new. It’s a reflection of the internal tug-of-war most of us have been struggling with since time immemorial: the ongoing battle between the ego-mind that creates ignorance, darkness, and suffering, and the true Self spreading the light of awareness through every possible crack. In this divine play of Consciousness we call life, we have to move between hope and despair, incarnation after incarnation, to cover the full spectrum of human experience.

But as we learn and evolve, polishing ourselves like a pearl emerging from rough, uncomfortable friction, every step we take toward love (in any form) is a victory of our soul that affects and expands the Universe, giving us the strength to continue on and the wisdom to understand that the way out of pain is through the pain. Not to see ourselves as martyrs or victims, but to delve within to release the distortions of ego hindering our true nature. As we do this we become willing vehicles of Consciousness and realize that behind our identification with the senses—that is, our attachment to pain—there’s nothing but divine love.

It’s easy to lose hope with the gloomy ‘everything-is-getting-worse’ fear-mongering narrative projected by the mass media; it’s also easy to lose yourself in the rosy ‘everything-is-getting-better’ of those who claim that the solution is to focus exclusively on the positive, pretending no other action is needed.

The paradox is, everything is getting worse and everything is also getting better, because reality is complex and multilayered, so neither of these approaches serve you if you’re seeking emotional and spiritual freedom; they simply keep you in the illusion of duality and separation from Divine Consciousness. Hope is that faint inner voice that serves as a boat to cross the river of suffering. But it can’t be blind, wishful thinking, for you must see where you’re coming from and where you’re headed; it has to come from a deeper place within of clarity, humility, and faith.

Embrace Life Without Disconnecting From Yourself

You don’t have to hide the despair and fear the world instills in you, or avoid taking responsibility for our collective mess, to remain hopeful and transmute the darkness on the planet. You must keep piercing through the darkness of your own ego as you watch this Consciousness play, healing your personal wounds to shift your perception and contribute more love and light and abundance for all. Because the world is a collective reflection of what we each are meant to resolve as individuals.

Full engagement requires perceiving and embracing all of life, not fixating on one aspect by denying the other, for these are extraordinary times, both nightmarish and transformative. The world is the world; it’s ruled by ego and follows the dictates and illusions of ego. But your soul is eternal Consciousness and Love, and you can choose to relinquish the ego-mind without denying or skirting around the suffering it creates and we all share in this human experience.

The only way out of it is from within, with faith and trust that things will happen according to the play of Consciousness, of which only Consciousness is the real director, but also by taking full spiritual responsibility for the energetic contribution and footprint we leave behind as we travel our individual journey of evolution and involution.

Seeking the truth of who you are, as you let go of all your identifications, swinging from hope to despair and from confusion to insight, is how you bring forth real, compassionate transformation on the spiritual and material levels. Self-awareness is self-love, so where there’s more awareness, less suffering is needed to learn and grow and transform things.

You are a vehicle of Consciousness, an individualized experience of the Divine, and you can either follow the dictates of ego and fixate on worldly illusions or you can choose to purify your mind by redirecting it inward to tap into the light of your true Self. The choice is yours. So contact me today and learn how to discern between these opposite pulls, unravel the distorted identifications that keep you trapped in a sensory perception of suffering, and awaken to a higher, 5th-dimensional experience of life!

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