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develop inner wisdom with spiritual counseling & coachingCyber technology and an ever-strong attachment to the physical senses (of collective ego) have allowed information and misinformation to plague our fast-paced world, so much so that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to discern between the two. Clearly, this is not new, since the ego maintains control by making things fuzzy, but the internet and social media are adding fuel to the fire in the struggle between knowledge or awareness and ignorance.

Everything in the world is ego. A system of constant feedback in which the most superficial opinions are rewarded while dissenting voices are either punished or dismissed by those who can’t think outside the box of conformity is a reflection of the inner censor and bully of individual ego. You either rely on the appearance of things, seeking validation for your self-images, or you nurture the wisdom of your true nature, regardless of what others think, say, or do. If you want to experience happiness and peace, living an independent, soul-guided life should be your main goal.

But don’t try to take shortcuts or expect a quick fix; when you do, you’re basically spinning in the same wounded place, letting the ego-mind stay in charge. There’s much more at play in your life than your conscious focus or your desires, because it’s a personalized mental movie colored with past impressions and memories. It is, however, self-directed, since you are a spark of Divine Consciousness experiencing itself through you, and you’re meant to seek and eventually realize Divine Consciousness through your experiences.

Your soul is nudging you to recognize who you are: what makes you unique—with all your gifts, imprints, and tendencies—to help you purify the mind and clear the ego, so you eventually discover what makes you universal and one with everything there is—Divine Consciousness. As Nobel-winning poet Seamus Heaney put it during a commencement address,

“The true and durable path into and through experience involves being true …
to your own solitude, true to your own secret knowledge.”

For the spiritual seeker, this knowledge is the all-embracing wisdom of Consciousness, for it comprehends everything there ever was, everything there is, and everything there will ever be, as well as the absence of suffering (in ego dissolution). But it comes in small portions of individualized perception and experience. In other words, true knowledge arises through self-knowledge. It entails a process of surrendering and unfolding. Of transcending ego and glancing at love and light. Of overcoming woundedness and opening up to new possibilities. Of accepting all of who you are to allow your full potential and divinity to emerge.

But your potential cannot emerge when you hide behind other people’s ideas or dreams. You must look within and nurture and grow your own resources. Here are a few guidelines to help you stay on track and away from the confusion of collective (and individual) ego:

  • Spend less time on the internet and more time learning from your experiences or reading books.
  • Carve time for solitude, to feel and express things but without identifying with your emotions.
  • Develop a spiritual practice like meditation, to awaken your intuitive wisdom.
  • Be curious about your own opinions and take on things, don’t just repeat what others say.
  • Express yourself for the sake of expression, not to be ‘right’ and without expectations.
  • Observe how your life unfolds instead of attempting to control things or people.
  • Be silent and still: restrain the unconscious impulses of ego, to access your inner resources.
  • Trust the spiritual forces within you to show you what you’re here to learn and explore.

It’s not easy to remain centered and at peace when the world is so chaotic and destructive, and all the suppressed, unresolved collective emotional energy is rearing its ugly head with greater intensity than ever before. So contact me today to receive guidance an support through these challenging and confusing times of cosmic transition. Your most valuable contribution is your personal transformation!

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