How To Unravel Your Emotional Knots

develop emotional freedom with spiritual counseling coachingDid you know that your habits of thought, perception, and action create ‘energetic knots’ that keep you stuck at a certain level of awareness? The Hindu yogic scriptures explain how these energetic knots (or granthis) affect the chakra system and prevent the Kundalini energy to flow upward toward the crown chakra to help you grow spiritually and eventually reach enlightenment. These knots get reflected in your life-movie as fixed ideas and unconscious patterns of fear and guilt that manifest as the anger, greed, pride, and so on, that hold you back.

The concept of ‘energy knot’ is more accurate than ‘energy block’ to help you understand how your own tendencies disrupt a higher awareness and more joyful experience of life. You may remove energetic blocks through healing, but your mental tendencies and attachments either tighten or loosen these knots, depending, of course, on how self-aware or bound to the ego-mind you are—that is, whether you choose love or fear for yourself and others.

Energy blocks can happen anywhere, for instance disturbing your state of health, but certain granthis are specific to the flow of Kundalini, which is the spiritual creative energy that shapes the physical body in the womb and then lies dormant at the base of the spine until it’s awakened through intense devotion, spiritual practices, or the grace of an enlightened master.

It takes many lifetimes to arouse and stimulate this spiritual force; once energized, it spirals upward along the feminine and masculine channels of the chakra system, each lifetime continuing where it left off, piercing the chakras in succession until it reaches the crown (Sahasrara) to allow an uninterrupted flow of spiritual energy leading to Self-realization. Spiritual concepts may fill the mind, but no actual spiritual progress is possible without the awakening of Kundalini.

Some people confuse Kundalini with sexual energy, but that’s a limiting view arising from an overly sexualized world. You could say that Kundalini encompasses all aspects of energy manifesting as physical, mental, emotional, creative, or sexual energy, since it’s a feminine energy of Creation, but it’s fundamentally a spiritual force that remains dormant in most people, while sexual energy tends to be always active in some way.

Emotional Freedom Leads To Spiritual Freedom

The energetic knots blocking the flow of spiritual energy reflect tendencies you carry from this and previous lifetimes as well, shaping repetitive patterns that weave your perception and experience of life. They become obvious when you get emotionally triggered, because that’s when your sense of otherness (your egoic inner bully) overpowers your sense of self with past wounded impressions. In other words, it colors it with any form of fear or guilt, making you hold on tight to defensive mechanisms to protect a self-image or gain a sense of control.

But the more you fixate or hold on to anything that feeds this distorted self-perception, whether it’s ideas or expectation, the illusion of control or power, or unresolved emotions, the more you tighten your energy knots, blocking the flow of awareness. By the same token, the more flexible and detached you become, by healing your emotional wounds and letting go of egoic needs, the more you loosen these knots and allow the spiritual forces within you to transform your experience of life.

There are very specific yogic techniques to dissolve the energy knots in the chakras, which require the personal guidance of a teacher, but you can start this process by loosening the emotional knots creating and reinforcing them. Not only do these keep you stuck in the past; they also hamper the mental/emotional freedom needed for spiritual growth. Here are some guidelines to help you:

Become aware of your triggers.

Learn to recognize which situations trigger what reactions in you, and why (see Do You Know Your Emotional Triggers?). To develop emotional freedom, you must understand your inner motivations to discern what belongs to ego and what comes from deeper, truer aspects of your soul. All emotions are connected to past impressions, so accept any emotion without acting on it, and recognize the energy trail that has brought it back to your current reality.

You can look at contradictory feelings you couldn’t resolve in the past from a different viewpoint, because you have the life experience to better understand human nature and express your feelings honestly. But you have to hold back from simply reacting, to let the energy pushing those emotions become apparent; if you just react you won’t see the motivations behind them—what distorted self-perception your ego is trying to protect.

In a nutshell: stop identifying with your emotions to see the ego behind them.

Let go… Let go… Let go…

It’s well known in India that if you want to catch a monkey you glue a jar to a steady surface, fill it with peanuts, and then wait. The monkey will come and slip one hand in the jar to get the peanuts, and as soon as he grabs hold of the peanuts its own clutched fist traps him in the jar, so to speak. The mind does exactly the same thing with your ideas, attachments, expectations, and negative emotions. The only way to free yourself is to let go. So keep this image in mind next time you get triggered, to loosen your grip on what enslaves you to your ego. :-)

Become aware of your breathing.

Controlling your breathing is essential to control the ego-mind. Breathing is inherent in you not just to keep you alive but also as a tool for self-awareness. Since your soul is a spark of Consciousness, each breath gives you the opportunity to both experience and transcend physical reality. Remain aware of your breathing at all times, consciously deepening it, especially when faced with negative emotions.

Fear, anger, shame, judgment, anxiety, arrogance, and so on, set you off-center and tighten your knots, because they constrict your energy; you can loosen them with slow, deep breaths. Mindful breathing grounds you in the body, connects you to the present moment, and opens you up to new possibilities of experience.

Meditate every day.

Meditation is the ultimate medicine for the soul, because it helps you relax to generate energy and create enough emotional distance to have clarity about yourself and others, while also stimulating the spiritual forces within you to clear the way for Kundalini to awaken and begin its ascent. If you meditate by focusing on your breathing you’ll benefit even further.

Develop your inner witness.

Learning to observe yourself without judgment, to awaken the inner witness that is your true Self, is essential to grow emotionally and spiritually. When you judge you stop the flow of awareness and love, both of which are aspects of the Infinite Consciousness you’re a spark of. This means that every time you judge you disconnect from the flow of spiritual energy that is your true nature.

Your inner witness is quiet and subtle but also infinite—and infinitely powerful. It has been squelched by your egoic sense of otherness reflecting other people’s opinions, needs, demands, and of course, judgments, simply because the ego-mind doesn’t want you to look within to discover your divinity. But the more you place your awareness at this level, to tune into your intuitive wisdom, the more trust, faith, and inner power you will discover, and the more fulfilling your journey will become.

Isn’t it time to learn spiritual healing tools to loosen and unravel your emotional knots and the self-defeating patterns they reinforce, day in and day out, to keep you emotionally stuck? Stop wasting your life and contact me today to start living a 5th-dimensional, fearless, soul-guided life by transforming your habits of thought and perception!

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