How To Release Old Beliefs That Stunt Your Growth

Ilet go of old beliefs with a spiritual teacher & coachn the Middle Ages, Catholic European countries considered translating the Bible into any common language a crime punishable with death. Latin was viewed as the language of God, and it was heresy to think otherwise. Clearly, it had nothing to do with God but with the power of the Church, which claimed to be God’s sole mediator.

Uneducated commoners were not able to read the Bible in their language, so they could not reinterpret or question what they were fed by those above them. But these power dynamics are not uncommon or exclusive to religion or politics; the world as a whole is a projection of the ego-mind, with its essential self-centeredness, dissatisfaction, and need for control.

The world is a mental creation based on the original “I” thought that separates me from “others” and then builds itself with more thoughts to create the illusion of individual experience where the ideas of I, me, and mine become its center. But these are mere ideas, just like Latin being the language of God, or thinking that the sun revolved around the earth. And yet, it is no different than believing that other people are responsible for your happiness or your suffering (see Your Life-Movie Is a Dream Within a Dream).

It is all your own thoughts, because the mind is made of thoughts. Its revolving quality makes you think, even if you don’t want to, churning one thought after another and one desire after another, which are based on previous thoughts and desires. As thoughts repeat, they become beliefs, and these revolving beliefs build patterns of perception—the psycho-emotional tendencies through which you interpret and experience life.

Even the beliefs of being this particular person, with this particular personality, story, traumas, and so on, arises from past, often false ideas about yourself. In this sense, most of your self-perception is outdated, since it results from past impressions and experiences—things that no longer exist.

It is the ego-mind that holds on to them to maintain the control of your behavior. In this case, the ego is the Church and you—the real observer you are, right here right now—the commoner who’s not allowed to question those beliefs to reclaim the truth of your divine nature.

True Freedom Is Freedom From Your Ego

However, since your life-movie happens in your mind and is colored by the distortions of outdated thoughts and beliefs, you hold the power to transform it from within. But you must investigate these patterns of perception, unraveling your emotions and self-defeating ideas, to break free from the ongoing toxic dynamics between your sense of self and your sense of otherness, which is what gets reflected as your external reality—as others.

There is no magic pill or quick fix for your suffering, because it is unwillingly self-created (see The Path To Spiritual Freedom Is Not a Highway), but once you start developing self-awareness, with the sincere intention to uncover the real motivations behind the false beliefs through which you perceive yourself, your experience of life gets transformed.

It takes time and effort, but this investigation eventually becomes second nature and you can watch painful emotions dissolve as soon as you explore them in the light of your awareness. That is, when you turn your attention from otherness to self, and from the ego-self to your true, eternal Self, as you go more and more deeply within.

Not only that, but your experience of the world also shifts to grant you a new sense of being, where you can perceive the perfection of life itself, with its ups and downs, pleasurable and painful experiences, rather than expecting it to be something it is not, to meet the illusion of your egoic I, me, and mine.

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