How Enthusiastic Are You About Your Life?

renewed enthusiasm for life with an intuitive spiritual mentor, life & business coachI’d like to share with you a quote I read today:

“Nothing great was ever created without enthusiasm.”

When Ralph Waldo Emerson said this, not only was he stating a truth we can all recognize; he was also tapping into the hidden, magical element behind a meaningful life.

If the project you’re working on doesn’t feel great, your relationships aren’t fulfilling, the job you have isn’t what you expected, or your life in general seems dull or boring, you’re probably focusing on the wrong things and missing the secret ingredient that makes everything worthwhile: your level of enthusiasm.

True passion isn’t something we can get from the outside world or from others; if we do, it’s short lived because it relies on external variables we can’t control. It is the fiery creative spark of consciousness within that makes us be fully present in what we do. It’s that internal drive that motivates us to keep exploring, learning, and growing, no matter what we’re doing.

So if you are not feeling it right now, you’ve probably become so codependent that you can no longer think, feel, or function on your own: you need others to validate your own motivation. Or you’ve turned too compliant to stretch beyond your comfort zone: you let your ego-mind keep you stagnant in the familiar.

If you’re not enthusiastic about your life, it means you’ve drowned your own passion and your voice with judgments, expectations, and resistance—yes, resistance to life. So how do you break free from this? Well, you have to rouse yourself out of it!

Your Perception Is a Choice

There is no magic pill or quick fix to regain your enthusiasm for life, because your enthusiasm is the magic pill that makes you feel connected and gives purpose and meaning to your experience of life.

So maybe you need to go out for a brisk walk to get that inner fire going. Or you can shift your focus on all the positive aspects of what you have now (and not on what is missing). Or you need to watch a funny movie to get out of your head and awaken your playful inner child.

Perhaps you must reinforce your commitment to being fully present and engaged in what you do. Because the truth is, your own resistance creates discontentment, boredom, and a sense of dullness. If your life is a self-growth adventure, nothing—and I mean nothing—is purposeless.

You just need to shift your perception and focus on what these feelings, these thoughts you have about life are telling you about your sense of otherness—and why. Is it to rob you of the joy and enthusiasm to be alive and have projects, relationships, money, and so on? Most likely.

The question is, are you letting this sense of otherness overpower you creative juices, or are you ready to regain the enthusiasm that is your true nature, to create an empowering life? Contact me today and get started on a personal adventure to shed what’s blocking you and allow the greatness within you to emerge!

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