Are You Moving Forward Or Sliding Back?

Move forward in life with a spiritual counselor & coachAre you feeling the energy of this year driving you toward new or more fulfilling adventures yet? Or are you still slumbering in the comfort of your past habits? There is a fiery solar intensity coming into play now that should help you move past your resistance, if you know how to take advantage of it.

Most people go through the day on auto-pilot, hoping nothing will be different than yesterday. The idea is to maintain what they have—work, relationships, possessions, hobbies, habits, and so on—unchanged. This is mainly because the ego-mind doesn’t like change; it’s supposed to keep you “safe” where you are, simply because it’s familiar.

The nature of life, however, is about change, learning, and expansion. In truth, when you are not going forward, you’re really going backward because life never stops flowing. It just passes you by. You let the past hold you in place instead of consciously choosing to explore new venues of experience within and without yourself.

Growing means stretching, and stretching means learning; they’re all one and the same, pointing in the direction of your life path and purpose, and showing you what you must shed to become who you really are: your guilt, fears, attachments, self-judgments, and regrets. They don’t serve you, but they carry energy you can use to pave your true path; so you must learn to recognize them.

Self-growth is the process of regaining the emotional freedom that is your inherent nature. Remaining in the same-old-same prevents you from experiencing life as the miraculous adventure it really is. Think about this: before they’re aware of their self-importance, young children learn and absorb things very easily; as their ego-mind forms, their ability to learn is overpowered by a sense of obligation.

So this is a good time to ask yourself, are you moving forward or are you sliding back, getting too comfortable where you are? And if so, are you willing to do what it takes to get out of the familiar rut and utilize this year’s solar energy to fuel the commitment and determination required to create the life you want?

Contact me today to start recognizing the patterns shaping the fabric of your life, letting go of what holds you back, and develop the emotional freedom to get on the right track of your individual path. Start living life on your own terms!

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