Are You Ready For Change?

self-awareness intuitive counselor coachMost people are utterly unconscious of the need for change in their lives. When it hits them, change may happen suddenly and be quite upsetting and unpleasant.

It may take any form we unconsciously create to release tension, such as being cheated on or left by a partner, the loss of a job, an accident, an unexpected disease, a family crisis, and so on. Anything that feels like you just hit a hard, invisible wall.

We often experience obstacles or opposition (to our desires) with the feeling that life is not smiling at us or the Universe is painfully unfair. We compare our situation to that of others. We resent those who seem to have what we want. And we get stuck in this temper tantrum of sorts as long as we fail to recognize that those obstacles and situations are our own doing—our own attachment to things and resistance to life’s changing nature.

Even karma, which for the most part can be mitigated through our actions, arises in the mind. It takes shape and gets played out through the perception of ourselves and the world. And for good reason, since not only is karma meant to help us shift that perception, but anything we experience must exist in the mind first, in the form of vibrational seeds waiting for a fertile soil.

Yes, you are the director of your own life movie and you are also an actor fully engaged in it; you wrote the script and set the stage as well, even if you cannot see this because some of it was chosen before you took on a body. Also, because most of what you do is an unconscious response to your emotional triggers. You are all of it and at the same time you are none of it, for without the spark of consciousness it wouldn’t exist.

It is precisely this spark of consciousness—our self-awareness—that allows us to consciously change things instead of things suddenly changing on us when we’re not paying attention. It’s this creative power that provides the opportunities to shift and redirect our path toward a higher reality lest we remain stuck in the same-old-same patterns. Harnessing it puts us back in the role of dynamic creators instead of mere spectators of our own movie.

We have the tendency to settle into comfortable ruts, leisurely turning them into emotional cages because we tolerate things and situations that don’t make us happy. These cages (our self-images) make us stoic martyrs of our personal dramas. And they become so familiar that we forget we have the key to unlock them. But where? That is the big question for all of us.

Well, it is the spark in your heart that lights your sense of self and shapes a purposeful life path. If it’s a weak little flame, like that of a candle, any gust of wind can blow it out, leaving you trapped in a hurricane. Life feels unsafe and chaotic. You’re easily devastated and discouraged. You stop yourself at every step of any goal because you don’t feel “ready.” You lack the drive and confidence to move on. You believe that life just “happens” to you and you have no control.

If it’s a blazing power, like that of a forest fire, then life’s wind, no matter how challenging, will fuel and make it stronger. You can release the resistance and open up to it more fully because anything that comes along feeds, strengthens, and encourages you to move on and change things—from within. Instead of a victim, you become a miracle maker. You understand that relinquishing control to allow the soul (that creative spark of consciousness) to take full charge makes for a more empowering and joyful ride.

Being a timid flame or a blazing wildfire has less to do with your personality and more with your own emotional resistance and the conscious choices you make: how you choose to be at every moment—victim or co-creator? Indeed, your response to life’s trying and changing winds depends solely on your self-awareness and sense of self. So contact me today if you’re ready to turn the small flame of your inner light into a passionate, empowering, and purposeful force, both charged and guided from within!

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