Do You Know What Holds You Back?

I don’t know about you, but since the beginning of the year I’ve been feeling like a very strong energy has pulled a lot of us in almost the opposite direction we expected to go. Some had to push harder to pull through health, financial and relationship issues, while others had to completely redirect their lives, or at least find new, creative ways to maintain the momentum toward their goals.

And it is no surprise, since everything we’ve always relied on is crumbling, forcing us to find more mindful ways of doing things and living life. However, no new step is taken without resistance, and now more than ever we are required to live consciously, knowing who we are, what we want, and where we tend to stop and give up, so that the invisible ties that hold us back lose their grip.

And this is what the video (vlog) below is all about. Hopefully, it will inspire you to seek emotional freedom and help answer the question a lot of us seem to keep asking ourselves a lot lately: “What is holding me back?”

Please share your comments below, I’d love to hear what you have to say! And as usual, contact me if you need help exploring the invisible ties and beliefs that hold you back and prevent you from moving in the direction you desire—toward a more fulfilling, abundant and empowering life!

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