Are Your Fears Ruling Your Life’s Show?

overcome fear with spiritual counseling & coachingWhen I look back, I see how much I struggled with fear-based patterns that kept me emotionally trapped. It took me years to transform my life into the journey of trust, openness, and emotional flexibility that I can now enjoy.

And it’s not that I don’t have fears; it’s simply that by embracing my emotional terrain I’ve developed much greater emotional flexibility, which allows me to choose how to respond to life and where to focus my creative energy. Since anything we focus on expands, well, making a conscious choice is both empowering and liberating!

Fear is at the root of this polarity-based world. Without fear, there would be no attachment to our physical senses or body, no identification with the ego (our sense of individuality), and no yearning for inner peace and love, which are in essence the absolute absence of fear.

Fear is unpleasant and it makes us feel vulnerable, so we try to push it away, suppress it with all kinds of addictions, or disguise it as anger, because a fiery type of energy gives us the sense that we’re bigger and stronger than the fear itself.

However, like any emotion, fear has a purpose: it points out where our wounded places are. It’s an aspect of the emotional compass we’ve been gifted with to navigate this physical plane. Yet instead of understanding and exploring our fears, most of us tend to get trapped in the victim-blame game to avoid them.

Of course, it’s easier to point the finger at others than to look at what hurts within. And yet, no matter how much we try to push our fears, they still show their ugly heads in unpleasant ways; and the more we focus on them, the bigger they become.

So what can you do to stop them from ruling your life’s show—either consciously or unconsciously? Well, for one, understanding that, like any other emotion, fear is not your enemy. Instead of judging, labeling, or pushing it, open up and accept it as part of this package deal you’ve got when you decided to become human.

Then you can consciously choose what to focus on: either the overly familiar fear that glues you to those old beliefs, habits, or patterns that tend to paralyze and dis-empower you; or new beliefs that resonate with you now and center around what YOU want to create as your future.

Now set a powerful goal that is higher than your fear, so it helps you rise above it. Think what would have happened to Mother Teresa if she had chosen to believe the fear that touching lepers would turn her into one. Most people feared that, but she placed her goal to serve God through others waaay above any fear.

She was empowered in her devotion, humility, and determination because her desire to serve was stronger than anything else, and she let nothing get in her way. Talk about dedication, purpose, and transcendence of ego!

Our power magically grows the moment we make the decision to transform any dream or desire into daily action, because our habits fuel the beliefs that either hold us back or move us forward. Even if the goal isn’t perfectly clear, our action in the present summons that clarity as we keep moving.

Fear can be paralyzing, but if you stop hiding from it and recycle its energy to motivate you, you can rise above the internal obstacles that manifest as your reality (yes, I’m talking about life’s drama). So here are your basics steps: understand your fear, consciously choose your beliefs, and create daily habits to reach higher goals.

So what old habits are you willing to transform right now to fuel the momentum to leave your fear behind and reach your goals and aspirations? Contact me for spiritual guidance and support in the tricky endeavor of transforming your life into what you simply know it should be. I can help you unblock and manage your energy to make the leap that is much harder on your own.

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