Are You The Tortoise Or The Hare?

Are you tortoise or hare? Manage your energy with intuitive spiritual counseling & coachingCan you tell the difference between a new TV show and one from 20 or 30 years ago? I bet it’s easy, and not just because of the way people are dressed, but mainly because everything goes quicker now, from scene transitions to how actors speak.

I remember being a new mom and seeing all sorts of programs for babies to learn to do things faster—from potty training to speaking and reading—and thinking, what is the rush? Why would I want my little girl to jump ahead of herself?

From a metaphysical perspective, you could say that time is shrinking and that’s why everything is moving faster. Basically, the man-made concept of time is gradually vanishing and leaving room for a more unified experience of 5th dimensional reality: a quantum perception, if you will.

And yet, the more I slow down, the more I get done.

The more aligned with myself I feel.

And the more I enjoy what I’m doing.

If you think this sounds illogical or counterintuitive, think again. Pressure creates stress, and stress scatters the energy you require to see things clearly, finish tasks, and get a job well done. Rushing pushes you to jump ahead of yourself without necessarily knowing where you’re headed, leaving gaps along your path that you may have to go back to and fix. Whether it’s learning something new, launching a business, or accomplishing your goals, a slow, steady, step-by-step process always wins the race.

Going over what you wish to master slowly and repeatedly gives you the opportunity to recognize all the details involved in what you’re doing. Once you own the nuts and bolts of any process, they become your skills, your tools, your experiences, and the realizations of your individual journey. They turn into assets that nobody can take away from you because you know them inside and out.

Slow Down To Be Fully Present In What You Do

This is as true for any external aim as it is for your self-exploration and personal or spiritual growth. One of my beloved teachers wrote a book entitled The Path To Enlightenment Is Not a Highway. So true! The ego-mind likes to push and rush and scatter your energy; those who like to control you exploit this. It gives them the power of using your own energy to keep the control—that is, until you decide to stop giving it away, take full charge, and learn to manage your life for your growth and success.

Life is not a race, and slowing down allows you to be fully present and aware of what you’re doing and where you’re headed. So whenever you catch yourself rushing, being pressured, or getting overwhelmed with the million things you think you must do, remember to breathe deeply to ground yourself in the present, and slow down. Nobody is going to slow things down for you: it’s your job to gift yourself with the joy of doing things at your own pace and to gain the depth of experience that only a steady pace grants.

Trust me, then you’ll get to actualize that quantum perception of higher dimensions where time bends and stretches to meet your desires! But first you have to stop feeling obligated to push and rush—to measure yourself against time. Then you must understand that the destination you so intently wish for is simply the motivation to keep you going and learning and growing. Once you get there, you’ll come up with a new one, because this process never stops.

Now, you may waste all your energy trying to attain it, like the Hare of the classic fable, or you can become wise like the Tortoise and learn to manage your energy through a slow yet determined pace to accomplish anything you set your mind to, and more. Remember that everything is energy first, and the moment you stop moving forward, you’re actually sliding back. So contact me now to begin re-aligning your life or business with your soul and regain the control of your destiny!

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