Are You Wearing a Cloak of Invisibility?

Gain greater visibility and recognition with intuitive spiritual counseling & coachingDo you feel unseen and unheard as an individual or conscious entrepreneur? Oh, I’ve been there. As a kid I was supposed to follow directions, deal with my emotions on my own, and remain invisible. This created a pattern of self-perception that got reinforced and repeated growing up.

Yet I couldn’t see it until I had invested many years in the process of unraveling the fabric of my life because I wanted to understand who I was and what I was here to do.

To find the meaning behind all my experiences.

And to pave my life path with new, conscious choices in the direction of my purpose.

Most people are unaware that wearing a cloak of invisibility is really a choice, especially those I call feminine souls. I won’t go into details here about the soul typology I’ve discovered (you’ll have to wait till my book is ready to come out), but for now let me say that many of these feminine souls are male and female visionaries who struggle to be heard and recognized because they’ve been conditioned to remain hidden.

As individuals, they hide behind codependent dynamics with their spouses, children, colleagues, and partners, or behind their work or career. As conscious entrepreneurs, they hide behind their credentials, training, teachers, or the fear of becoming experts in their own fields. They jump from one type of business to another, one business idea to another, one training or modality to another, not allowing themselves to slow down and comprehend the value of what they’re really here to offer through their individual approach and the uniqueness of their soul journey.

Perhaps it is because acquiring greater recognition is powerful and also scary. We live in a world of uniformity and standardization, so dropping the cloak of invisibility means standing out in your own irreverent and free-spirited way. Yep, I’d say that in this time and age, embracing your individual soul signature is revolutionary. It allows you to express who you really are without apologies and to live life in your own terms. Not because you become self-centered or narcissistic, but because you develop emotional freedom and stop comparing yourself to, competing with, or trying to please others. Whenever you attempt to heal your wounded needs (of being loved, needed, useful, and so on) through others, you give your creative power away and remain in the same emotional place, feeling invisible and unheard.

It’s Time to Own Your Inner Power

Self-awareness and self-expression are the keys to develop the emotional flexibility that allows you to position yourself at the center of your life or business. This is where the power to create what you truly desire lies. A business that integrates your many facets and experiences grows steadily and organically with you, providing unique valuable benefits to those you are here to serve; it is inherently empowering for you and your clients.

The same applies to your relationships because when you become your own center and your life stops revolving around others, you no longer hide behind them and your interactions become clearer and freer as a result. Your life or business can now evolve into a meaningful contribution you continuously make from within, from your soul, without the need to pretend or self-efface.

How can you tell if you’re wearing a cloak of invisibility? Here are a few clues to get you started:

  • You keep waiting for the “right” time to do something you want
  • You make excuses to avoid taking action (“I don’t know how,” “I can’t afford it,” etc.)
  • You delegate life or business decisions that affect you directly
  • You procrastinate or become a perfectionist to stall your progress
  • You spend more time interacting with others than focusing on your projects
  • You value the opinions or others more than your own desires
  • You hide behind a modality or label or process as a solopreneur
  • You distrust being guided or learning to do things differently to stretch your comfort zone
  • You get attached to certain teachings or beliefs and turn them into rigid, self-sabotaging rules
  • You believe you should give your resources, time, talents and expertise for free
  • You do what you think you “should” or what others are doing instead of creating your own path
  • You believe that staying small and invisible means you’re humble and spiritual.

You’ve learned that becoming visible and empowered may be dangerous; it puts you where others can judge, question, and even condemn you. But as the Divine Feminine restores her rightful place on this planet, with her gentle yet flexible and penetrating qualities, it is your spiritual responsibility to step up and embrace your inner feminine power.

It’s time to heal past wounds and promote change through your own transformation, positive decisions, and conscious actions. Are you ready? Then contact me today to leave your cloak of invisibility behind and shape a soul guided life or business empowered with meaning and purpose!

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