Are You Ready To Reinvent Yourself?

develop emotional freedom through the Divine Feminine with an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor & CoachPeople who dislike challenges think that a creative mind is something you’re either born with or not. These people tend to have a fixed mindset. Those who accept challenges as part of life believe that talent and skill are things you develop by doing stuff you’re not good at. They possess a growth-based, more flexible mindset. In which one of these categories would you place yourself right now?

I decided to go to music school in my early 30s and then studied homeopathy in my early 40s, after my daughter was born. You could say that I was looking for a more fulfilling career, but those big leaps were actually meant to teach me that to live a meaningful life, I needed to allow myself to question any emotional status quo that kept me in a fixed self-image, and continuously reinvent myself through my experiences. This became an aspect of my ongoing process of self-exploration beyond any role, profession, or career choice.

Challenges are opportunities to stretch your talents, skills, and emotional resources. They help you acquire depth of experience in whatever you are doing or going through—in the present moment. Now, if you resist them by becoming too fixated in your belief system or past regrets (the “shoulda, coulda, woulda”), then you turn them into a judging dipstick that measures your abilities and promotes the self-perception of being a failure or a fraud that your inner bully instills in you.

In other words, you get trapped in an unconscious victim self-talk. Victimhood is an attitude, a global perception of life that closes the mind. It lures you into a small emotional box where your sense of self gets squelched by a distorted sense of “otherness” (the inner bully that controls you). True freedom requires flexibility, openness, and trust, both in yourself and in the Universe: accepting that you will receive and experience what best serves your growth and purpose here, even if it’s not always pleasant.

If you’re not constantly reinventing yourself, through an organic creative and intuitive stream that arises from the depth of your experiences and self-reflection, you run the risk of becoming too accommodating, too comfortable, too controlled, or too controlling, and exclude yourself from the flow of your own life. Your soul will probably need to shake you up at some point (or many times) to crack your “safety” shell open and get your hatching process started!

From Victimhood To Self-Empowerment

The language of victimhood is one of obligation. From this viewpoint, any action, intention, or movement can be preceded by “should.” Whether you think that doing something is the “right” thing to do or it’s your responsibility to do it, or to do it right, or to fix it, the underlying energy is that of obligation. Here’s your problem: reinvented people do things because they choose to, not because they “have to.”

If you get trapped in the typical victim-blame game of “me vs. others,” you unconsciously become a pessimist boxed in a little tantrum. To break free, you must focus on what’s possible and invest less in what’s in front of you. You will then turn into an optimist and trigger your creative power toward creative solutions and greater possibilities. That is, you direct your energy toward the vision of a better future and leave the fear and self-judgment behind. You no longer think in terms of “right” or “wrong,” “good” or “bad,” but from the perspective of how valuable something may be for you and others now and in the future.

This way, no matter what you do your actions become a service, a contribution that you are free to fulfill—or not. You must disbelieve the inner bully that forces you to self-sacrifice and instead choose to open up and surrender to the flow of the Divine Feminine within that promotes more life, more light, and more abundance for all, including yourself. This mindset shift makes a huge difference, because it increases your emotional flexibility and freedom, opening you up to more opportunities for self-growth and self-empowerment.

Only from a flexible emotional place can you connect to the flow of your life and reinvent yourself every step of the way, because no matter what you are doing, you keep learning, growing, and enjoying all the good things available to you. You no longer need to exclude yourself from this flow to feel “good” or “responsible” or “spiritual” because you recognize the value of each and every moment. You do the things you choose to for their own sake, not out of obligation or to satisfy a wounded sense of otherness (your inner bully). So contact me today if you’re ready to shift your perception and reinvent yourself to access a higher, more enjoyable reality!

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