Do You Really Need Spiritual Healing?

experience spiritual healing with spiritual counseling & coachingThe short answer to this question is: absolutely! Not because you’re broken and need fixing, but because you’re an eternal soul on a journey of Consciousness expansion. In other words, you are divinely designed work in progress, continuously growing and learning through your experiences. But you also get easily disconnected from your true nature in a physical body mainly directed by the ego-mind and your identification with sensory perception.

Your soul is an individualized spark of Consciousness meant to go through the full spectrum of human experience, so you reincarnate time and again to take care of any unresolved hurts and unfulfilled desires from previous incarnations. In this sense, your spiritual healing is the process of soul integration needed to take full spiritual responsibility for your experiences and transcend your individuality to realize Oneness.

Now, if you’re a unique, multilayered experience of Infinite Consciousness—an individual drop in the eternal ocean of love—how do you disconnect from your true nature? I wrote in The Indigo Journals:

“Imagine yourself with the innocent mind of a young child, freely flowing down a river without fear or concern. You suddenly see something that piques your interest and you want to experience it, so you hold on to a branch on the riverbed to do so. The river keeps rushing forth, trying to pull you back into its stream, but it can’t wait for you. You may not be comfortable where you are, but now you’re getting attached and afraid to let go. In other words, you’re stuck. Life (Infinite Consciousness) essentially flows like this river, and we each separate from it because of our desires, attachments, and fears.

Any disruption in the flow of Consciousness creates a split, a separation: a wound. So every time you go against your divine nature, which is that of love, freedom, and expansion, you pinch yourself out of this flow. If you repeatedly exclude yourself like this, your perception becomes distorted with a stronger sense of separation and you no longer see yourself as part of the whole of Oneness. Since the physical senses act as open receptors triggering the production of desires, you identify with this sensory perception and get attached to the things and people you invest energy in. Your individuality becomes this ‘I-sense’ continuously receiving impressions through thoughts and actions that create the illusion of a separate identity (or ego) having separate experiences.”

Spiritual Healing = Dissolving the Ego

The ego becomes the doer—the owner of your experience—because its purpose is to maintain that illusion of separation. In truth, it is a virtual layer of your mind that only exists as long as you’re identified with the physical senses. If you truly comprehend that none of your thoughts, feelings, or desires are really yours, and that they’re just energy passing through you for you to become self-aware, life acquires a completely different meaning and purpose.

I know you want to be happy. You want peace of mind. You want a sense of connection. Because your soul is always attempting to direct you to realign with Consciousness, which is absolute love and peace, and all-encompassing. But you identify with your physical perception and believe what the senses tell you: that you need external love, validation, security, and success to be happy. So you keep seeking them outside of yourself. Can you be truly happy, however, when you rely on people and things you have no control of? Can you be at peace when underneath your sense of security lies the fear of losing what you’re attached to?

Plus, to maintain the illusion of separation, the ego-mind traps in the past, that is, identified with previous emotions and impressions that now color your perception of life. Since you’re a creative spark of Consciousness, your perception becomes your reality, so you unconsciously recreate similar experiences as in the past. Things may look different on the outside, or temporarily change, but you end up feeling the same, all-too-familiar emotions that keep you stuck.

Isn’t it time to develop the emotional freedom to let go of the past and reinvent yourself, to be able to create a life in alignment with who you truly are? Then contact me today to get started on your journey of soul integration and spiritual self-ascension!

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