Why Spiritual Liberation Demands the Courage to Heal Your Past

heal your past with a spiritual mentor coachSelf-knowledge is the true purpose of our human experience, but it is not an easy endeavor. We often equate our identity with the sum of our memories and tend to allow the past to define us, particularly by painful or traumatic events. The mind is made of memories, so what we perceive as the present is a mental-emotional projection of the past, but we are not our mind and the past doesn’t define us—unless, of course, we identify with it.

We believe to be our body and mind; this identification is the essence of the ego. We also think that we know who we are because we recognize our thoughts, emotions, and desires. But how can we claim to know ourselves if we did not consciously choose the experiences that have shaped our sense of self, and we are unable to anticipate our reactions to unforeseen events?

Our experience of reality is a personal version or interpretation of life as it unfolds; it is self-centered. Humans appear to have fought each other since time immemorial for a variety of reasons, but in reality it’s just a play of the ego about the ideas it produces: “My ideas are better than yours and my truth is truer than yours because they belong to me, me, me…” :-)

Our experiences arise from our perception and our perception is woven with past impressions. We hold layers and layers of mental and emotional memories and, as time goes by, more memories and impressions accumulate. So, we are not fixed entities bound by a linear story line; we experience ourselves like the ball in a pinball machine bumping into and reacting to the situations we encounter, which are also the result of our own impressions repeating in our life-movie.

You are not who you think you are or want to be or who you think you should be; that is the ego-mind you identify with—the I-sense that acts and reacts to life that you can actually observe and dismiss because it is not you. The real you is always there, of course, but it is hidden until you remove everything you are not, such as your identifications and self-images. You cannot be your past because it is memories and ideas; you can only BE what you are here and now, flowing with life, because you are life itself. There is no separation.

You Are Here to Become Aware That You Are Awareness

The ego, however, keeps you enslaved by your identifications and desires. You may strive for a particular course of action while your emotions pull you in a different direction and your patterns and habits (or hidden desires) draw you to something else. The confusion these conflicting impulses create can be paralyzing or leave you with a sense of deficiency, wondering, “Why did I do or react like that?”

When we reflect on past challenges, we often question our decisions and feel the pain of regretting not being who we think we should have been. The ego-mind, so adept at self-criticism, weaponizes these so-called “mistakes” as ammunition for self-doubt and a pervasive sense of inadequacy—a narrative reminiscent of childhood that keeps us emotionally stuck in childhood.

There are no mistakes; only experiences from which we learn and grow, but our internal conflicts perpetuate the wounded child archetype that stifles our authentic self-expression in the now (see Understanding Your Wounded Child Archetype). We’re still afraid of how other people will react to what we do or say, just like when we were kids, and we feel obligated to comply to imaginary demands that simply reflect the past because the ego-mind controls our perception through the grip of the past.

To break free from these shackles, we must embark on a journey of self-discovery to integrate the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of our being. We must explore and release our past, illuminating the ego’s cunning tactics and self-images we have crafted to avoid confronting our inner shadows and dissolving our egoic sense of otherness that prevents us from accessing our true Self.

The task may seem daunting, but as you shed light onto your internal distortions and resistance to grow, with openness and compassion, a profound sense of self-love emerges and spontaneously transforms your experiences. Furthermore, as you inquire into why negative experiences seem to recur, you uncover the unresolved aspects of yourself seeking healing and integration.

True healing happens from a place of self-awareness until you recognize that you are not what you have believed about yourself; you are the totality of existence playing hide-and-seek to experience itself in human form. The Swan Method shows you how to release the past on an ongoing basis to realign with your true Self; you can learn about it in my book You Are Your Healer: The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self. Or contact me today to start implementing the Swan Method to transform your perception and experience of life as you gain greater emotional and spiritual freedom!

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