Why Finding Meaning In Life Reveals the True Depth of Your Existence

find the meaning of life with a spiritual teacher & coachWhether we are aware of it or not, we are all seekers of the Truth, journeying through the tapestry of life in search of meaning. This quest transcends the boundaries of time and space, weaving the fabric of our human experience, because it is prompted by our true, divine nature. After all, we are the eternal Self playing hide-and-seek with ourselves.

At the heart of our journey lie questions such as, What am I doing here? and What is the purpose of my life? calling us to explore the mystery of our individual soul. Because of our identification with the ego-mind, however, we look for fulfillment in the external world, in the form of success, money, recognition, or a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Yet, as we chase after these things, we come to realize that what we yearn for cannot be found in the realm of the material or the pursuit of our desires because they are fleeting and unstable, and often lead us to pain (see Why Spiritual Growth Is Like Climbing the Love-Consciousness Pyramid).

The true meaning of our existence is not in the world of appearances or the external trappings of success, all of which are temporary, but in the depths of who and what we really are. For this reason, it demands a journey inward—the self-discovery that eventually leads to Self-realization. But we must let go of the ideas to which we cling that simply reinforce our false identity or ego hijacking our divine essence.

Most of us embark on the spiritual journey because of a profound sense of discontent—a feeling that there must be more to life than chasing things (relationships, success, material comfort, and sensory pleasure) that lead to pain because they are impermanent. It is this inner yearning that nudges us to uncover the essence of life. We may call it God, Spirit, the Universe, the Self, or the Divine, but in reality we’re looking for ourselves because our individual experience arises from within.

You Are Here To Discover Who You Really Are

We want to uncover who we are and why we do what we do; why we often react to life without understanding our impulses; and why we expect things and people to be something they are not. We get discouraged as we encounter obstacles and challenges along the way, but hopefully with each hurdle we also grow clearer, stronger, and humbler. We get closer to the Truth as we release our egoic identifications blocking it. No fulfillment can be found in the unreal: in what we think that we or others should be instead of accepting and learning from what is.

What needs to be uncovered is right in front of us, for the external reality is but a reflection of our subconscious content. With reflection, introspection, and self-awareness, we can unravel the layers of conditioning and illusion that have distorted our perception and experience of reality. Clearly, this journey of self-discovery is not easy. It requires courage to investigate our personal delusions and make way for the light that illuminates our path as we disbelieve the ego-mind getting in the way.

Eventually, we get to see that we are the path, the traveler, and the destination, and that our idea of separation is a mental trap keeping us from real happiness, which is the inner peace and freedom of our divine essence. We begin to embrace that the true meaning and purpose of life is simply being—not being this or that; not having to prove or justify anything; not seeking validation through others; and not getting tangled up in the drama of otherness to avoid turning inward to dissolve our negative tendencies of perception and behavior.

Only in the stillness of our own being we may transcend the limitations of the ego-mind to discover that we are what we’ve been looking for, and that in our inter-connectedness with all of creation we are essential to the whole because we are the whole—the totality of existence—for nothing exists without our awareness of it.

So what could be our meaning or purpose but to dance the cosmic dance of life without taking ourselves too seriously? To live with intention, to love without fear, and to serve with compassion, knowing that life is perfect as it is and we must witness it as it unfolds to guide us back to our true Self. Only then can we find the meaning we seek and transcend the limitations of the ego-mind to reconnect with our eternal, limitless essence.

However, we all need guidance and support as we navigate this journey, because the ego-mind is tricky and deceitful and creates all sorts of distractions (and resistance) to prevent us from looking within. So contact me today or grab a copy of You Are Your Healer to start dissolving the patterns of perception that keep you trapped in false ideas about yourself and others so you may embody the true meaning and purpose of your existence!

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