What Is the Secret to Happiness?

how to be happy and free with a spiritual mentor & life coachDo you want to know how to be happy and free? Of course you do! We all want to be happy. But what does it really mean and how can you achieve real happiness?

Perhaps you believe that a good relationship or a successful career or business is all you need. Or maybe you seek material wealth because it would bring stability and reduce stress in your life. The truth is that no matter what you’re trying to accomplish, the underlying motivation is always the pursuit of happiness.

But assuming that happiness is the result of external objects is an illusion. They may give you a sense of joy or satisfaction, but it’s temporary. It wears off after a while and your search for new objects of desire must continue. Relationships become stagnant or come to an end; the work you do turns repetitive; chasing wealth brings more stress.

You may think happiness is the pleasure you get from achieving things, but it actually lies beyond. Since pleasure comes from the senses, it’s never permanent, although it briefly touches something deeper that is much more lasting. This is why we get so attached to pleasurable things. But that enjoyment is just the carrot before the proverbial cart giving you a glimpse of the spiritual layer of the soul that connects you to your divine nature—which is indeed happiness.

You tap into this deep spiritual layer when you’re relaxed, joyful, or grateful; it is what you’re really seeking to experience through external objects. Think about this. If you had absolutely everything you wanted but were deprived of sleep, you’d trade all of it for a good night sleep, wouldn’t you? Of course you would, and not only because resting allows you to recharge physically and mentally; it also gives you a much needed break from the ego-mind.

How To Live a Joyful & Fulfilling Life

All your trials and tribulations belong to the ego, that is, to your identification with the physical senses: survival, safety, success, appearance, and so on. Similarly, your attachment to the object of any desire brings pleasure when satisfied and suffering when unfulfilled. So relying on ego-based comfort to feel happy is not a good long-term strategy.

There are 3 main factors in the achievement of a peaceful, happy life:

  1. Self-awareness: discovering who you are and what aligns you to the flow and nature of your soul.
  2. Contribution: doing something that satisfies you in the service of others, beyond the self-centered, wounded ego.
  3. Contentment: recognizing life as an adventure of self-discovery, accepting it with openness and gratitude, no matter how challenging it gets.

All of these require mental discipline and emotional honesty to remove the tendency to focus on negative aspects—the things that don’t go your way—and let go of your expectations. You retrain the mind by understanding your unconscious motivations and accomplishing small, achievable yet ongoing goals to pave the path of a soul-guided life.

So contact me today to move past the illusions, attachments, and emotional wounds that keep trying to point you in the right direction but also stall your growth. Develop the balance and emotional freedom needed to experience real happiness within you and bring it forth into this world!

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