What Hides Behind Your Anxiety About Money?

create abundance with spiritual counseling & coachingLife is abundant. Nature is abundant. Love is abundant. You’ve heard this before: ‘wealth is your birthright.’ But more than a right, I’d say it’s your nature. I’m not implying everyone should be a millionaire; I’m referring to the bounty of your soul, the mystery within you that shapes everything you see, touch, feel, think, desire, and create.

However, this inherent power has been tainted by the attachment to money that hinders a direct experience of wealth in your life. Now, I’m not going to tell you that money is spiritual, as some teachers and coaches out there, because to me that’s just a veiled way to justify the attachment to money. But money is not ‘un-spiritual’ either; it really depends on what you use it for. The problem is that the ego-mind is greedy, so it’s easy to forget that money is not what life is about but just a means to an end (see How To Develop an Abundant Mindset).

Like anything material, money is a manifestation of energy, an expression of the Divine Feminine, which is the creative potential of the Infinite Consciousness you are a spark of; this principle designs absolutely everything in the Universe, from vast galaxies and solar systems out there to every single thought in your mind.

But the external world uses money for external power, thus promoting an overly materialistic, unbalanced perception that maintains suffering, inequality, and injustice. This tainted yet deeply ingrained make-up creates fear, anxiety, and contradictions around prosperity that disconnect you from your true wealth—inner peace. Abundance is a state of mind, a way of viewing and approaching things, while money is bound to fluctuate like everything else.

To discover the richness of your soul, you must remove the misconceptions that blur your immense creative capacity. It’s not enough to learn the ‘language of abundance’ and try to convince yourself that you have an abundant mindset; you must look within to discover the complex, multilayered aspects of your ego-mind that keep you from embracing the flow of your own life. If you look closely, you’ll see that your anxiety about money hides deeper insecurities from childhood: unconscious feelings of not deserving love, safety, understanding, visibility, being heard, and so on.

Without resolving this original cause for anxiety, it turns into a wounded need to be loved, safe, heard, etc., that yields fear, stress, pressure, and overwhelm; you may think it’s related to money, but all the money and success in the world wouldn’t make a difference. As strange as it may sound, millionaires also worry about money, because everyone uses money to hide their wounded needs. The question is, do you want to speak the language of abundance or do you want to live a truly abundant life? Because the latter requires great honesty and self-awareness.

True Abundance Comes From Healing Your Past

It’s one thing to have a conceptual idea, repeating what you read or hear, perhaps even fulfilling some of your desires here and there, and it’s a completely different experience to live a truly rich life, embracing the plenitude of existence and expanding it for yourself and others—with clarity of purpose, no fear, and no contradictions. If you truly understand the eternal and expansive nature of your soul and your creative power—the Feminine principle within you—then there’s not room for the idea of lack; but you have to reconnect to this creative flow.

You must stretch beyond what’s deeply ingrained, and continuously reinforced through your sense of otherness, to accept that true fulfillment requires opening up to something bigger than your desires or a sense of safety based on the impermanence of external things. In other words, you need a deeper understanding of yourself, to develop or nurture what helps you grow and to let go of what gets in the way of your true nature.

You live in the material world, so you have to do your part, making the effort to care for your needs, express yourself, and accomplish what you’re drawn to, while also surrendering the ego-mind to the spiritual forces within and around you that shape the Universe. An abundant life demands humility, fluidity, and absolute trust, as well as making a meaningful contribution, at any level; not guided by the wounds of the ego-mind, but by a deeper drive to be of service, and without creating further disharmony or karmic debts.

Spiritual freedom is the ultimate wealth and goal of life: dissolving all fears and mental limitations to give way to an ever-expansive view of yourself and the world. It starts by recognizing that your life is not separate from you; that you’re always supported along this unique path to discover yourself and what you’re made of. In this sense, money is a magnifying energy you can use to release what you are not—mental fluctuations such as fear, anxiety, self-pity, or greed—so you can choose to make your creative projects your main focus, with discipline and commitment.

For an ordinary person, life is about material success—relationships, work, wealth, prestige, power. For a true spiritual seeker, life is about self-knowledge and transcending the ego-mind that blurs a direct or higher experience of reality. It’s about discovering what hides behind all the fears and anxieties that bind you to the past, to release them to the past. But to get there you can start with the determination to let go—of your identifications, attachments, false beliefs, and illusions; in short, of a distorted perception of yourself.

You must question your motivations—the energy behind everything you perceive in your life-movie. Not to judge or compare yourself to anyone, but to discern deeper truths behind the egoic appearances that rob you of your joy and peace. So contact me today to get started! In the world of Spirit, you’re always a beginner: whenever you think ‘you’ve got it,’ life shows you there’s always more to learn and unlearn, more to discover and explore, more to revisit and relinquish. It is an expansive Universe indeed!

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