What Are Your Goals In Life?

Integrate your life puzzle with intuitive spiritual counseling coachingWhat comes to mind when you think of your purpose in life? Is it to raise a happy family, to help others in some way, or to meet your mental, emotional, and physical needs? Is it to make a meaningful contribution to save the planet? Is it doing something positive or unique and getting recognition for it? Or perhaps all of the above, and more?

On a human level, your goal is to experience the world and share yourself through your interactions and accomplishments. We are supposed to learn from and help each other grow, to improve life for ourselves, those we love, and the Earth.

From a spiritual viewpoint, however, the aim is to transcend your identification with the ego and realize your divine nature by cultivating a state of neutral awareness known as dispassion. Dispassion is not lack of enthusiasm, it is a peaceful state of universal love without attachment that leads to enlightenment.

So one aspect pulls you in the direction of the external world while the other pulls you inward. How can you find a centered place without sacrificing one of the other? The key is soul integration. Your soul is at its most powerful when all the pieces of your mental puzzle fit seamlessly and your vibrational energy resonates with the flow of life. Integration requires recognizing and accepting all aspects of who you are, for healing cannot happen where there is judgment—that is, judging your features and experiences as either ‘positive’ or ‘negative.’

You must embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly in you to be at peace with yourself and the world. I call this owning your spiritual badass, because it entails removing all judgment of good, bad, negative, spiritual, and so on, to forgive and accept yourself as you are. After all, you are meant to be you, not some other person based on someone else’s ideas. You’ve invested so much time and energy struggling to find love, validation, and stability outside of yourself that you’ve likely forgotten that what you’ve been seeking since you were born is the true you—to find your unique path and destiny.

When most of you remains unconscious, life just ‘happens’ and you have no saying on what goes on. You may be quick to blame others, your circumstances, or yourself, but that simply perpetuates a sense of powerlessness. To find your center, you must look within and let go of the mental patterns that keep you emotionally trapped in the past. Simply moving forward, leaving behind what is painful or shoving it under the rug to pretend it’s not there is not letting go of the past. It is dragging a trail of unresolved issues that follow you and crystallize in your reality time and again.

Thinking that the energy of past experiences is gone is an illusion, for creative energy never disappears; it may go dormant for a while, but its nature is to expand, so it either has to be recycled into the future or pushed deeper into the subconscious, which is what the ego-mind wants you to do. The issues you came to resolve weave the fabric of your life, so rationalizing them or thinking they’re not there isn’t going to get you far. They continue brewing inside you, holding you back, and manifesting in unpleasant and surprising ways.

Your soul is really trying to get you back into alignment by showing you what is causing a disruption or disconnection, so listening to this guidance and finding the real purpose behind your experiences relieves you of the resistance to life. It allows you to see your story under a new light and create the reality you really want. This is the difference between living a mentalized or a soul-guided life.

The opportunity to recognize your individual path, the road map that leads to the true you, is always in front of you, but you get distracted and deviate from it because your mental and emotional habits keep you trapped in a loop made of past impressions and future illusions. This is where your free will and emotional effort come into play: you can check in with your inner compass and discern every step of the way between love and fear, forgiveness and judgment, humility and pride, or gratitude and criticism in both thought and action.

You develop emotional freedom by stretching beyond the comfort zone of old patterns and creating new habits that resonate with what you want in life from here on out. This requires absolute honesty, because honesty brings healing, and healing is what you came to do here. Carrying unresolved emotions and hidden motives shape unconscious choices that aim to keep certain aspects of yourself unchanged, which means stagnant. This is contrary to the evolution of your soul.

Life is not a problem to be fixed but an adventure of self-discovery to find meaning and purpose in everything you go through. Once you take spiritual responsibility for the reality you create, understanding that everything you experience comes from your self-perception, you can use any distressful situation as a point of contrast to shift and stretch your awareness. Life flows more gracefully when you are aligned with your life path and soul purpose. If you are ready to start your process of soul integration and re-alignment, schedule a Discover Session today to find the best way to work together and get you to a higher reality!

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