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Songs of Light and Dark by Yol SwanI am super excited to share my new poetry book with you! I’ve been writing poetry on and off for years and have watched it go from highly existential to non-dualistic, oftentimes with a bit of an edge.

From the back cover:

Songs of Light and Dark: Poetic Meditations on the Self and Random Haikus is an intimate exploration of the contradictory journey of the soul in search of itself.

How can we transcend the mundane if our longing for truth is veiled time and again by shadows of sadness and regret? And yet, behind a spiritual seeker’s yearning for the Self lies the inexorable clarity that there is nothing but the Self orchestrating our existence.

In the same manner that our eyes need to adjust when going from the light into darkness and from darkness into the light, these poems reflect the unfolding transparency of spiritual experience.

Here’s a sample for you:

God’s Experience


You have been hiding,
weaving the web of the world,
since the beginning of time
in search of your own eternity.

Lifetime after lifetime,
I have looked. I have sought.
The puzzling, impenetrable
truth of your divine play eluded me.

I failed, time and again,
too busy aching, laughing, dreaming,
believing the illusion of my existence,
fortifying the deceitful ignorance
of my own harrowing game.

I’ll be gone when the delusion ends,
for I am nothing but your experience.

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