The Purpose of Karma and Healing

resolve negative karma with spiritual counseling & coachingA cause is invariably followed by its effects. A pebble falling on the surface of a lake causes the water to ripple. The ripples spread out and then bounce back when they reach the edge of the lake, creating counter-ripples. It is obvious that the pebble affects the water surface beyond just the spot where it falls, as it continues creating ripples over time until the movement dies down. Karma acts in a similar manner.

The effects of your actions may be immediate or catch up with you later on, or even accumulate for a few lifetimes, depending on what you do about them (how much you fuel or repeat them). But no matter how good or bad your actions may be, and no matter whether they are evident or concealed, you are solely and absolutely responsible for them. The same goes for the motivation behind them. You can blame everyone else, but that’s just a waste of time and energy in your healing process.

A person may commit the perfect murder and not be prosecuted by human law; there may not be human justice for that crime, but the action will be balanced out according to Divine Law. There is no escape. It may be in the same lifetime or perhaps in a later one, but everyone surely suffers the consequences of their actions. No matter what.

Do not be fooled if someone promises to take your karma away. The Law of Karma is a divine law that cannot be changed. And, as tough as it may seem sometimes, it is an important part of your soul’s learning and evolutionary process. Without it, you would be lost and unable to reach your true nature, not knowing what is right and was is wrong. It’s a precious, albeit stern, guideline to help you grow, take spiritual responsibility, and make your actions conscious.

Your individual soul incarnates and acquires an individual “I-sense” or ego to experience the world, learn from different experiences and roles, and then find its way back to the source, which is Pure Consciousness. In the process of experiencing the world, you get trapped in the illusion of the world and end up believing that what you perceive through the physical body is real. Of course, it is your only tangible reality! You forget that you are a soul, conscious energy incarnated, and that you belong to the infinite Source of life beyond all forms, attributes, and qualities.

As you experience the world, you get attached to it, to the people and things you enjoy through the senses. So you want more. You desire more of what you enjoy. You desire what you have not enjoyed yet. You want more experiences and more sensual gratification. If you cannot get what you want, then you start suffering. The more you enjoy, the more you desire, as your mind gets attached to the pleasure you experience.

But the more you desire and get attached to your desires, the more you suffer if they cannot be satisfied. Yet it is the nature of the mind to create desires, and it is the nature of desire to never be fully satisfied. So you accumulate pain and dissatisfaction until it starts motivating everything you do, fueled with more desires and more attachments. Each desire, action, and experience creates samskaras, or impressions stored in the causal body of the soul that in time also create subconscious tendencies.

As your pain grows, so grows your selfishness, your illusion of being separate from everything and everyone else, because you focus on and want to get rid of the pain. You blindly believe that the only way to accomplish this is by fulfilling your desires, without realizing that those desires may be the cause of your pain. Lifetime after lifetime, you let desires and pain rule your existence, and they become the wheels that drive your perception of things.

Some people have a hard time believing that they accumulated some karma and chose to pay it through, say, abusive parents, but in truth we’ve all been capable of stealing, hurting, and even killing others to satisfy our desires—if not in this lifetime, somewhere along our journey. Letting your desires, attachments, and pain dictate what you do only brings more desires, attachments, and pain.

The Law of Karma Restores Your Connection To Consciousness

However, underneath every experience, painful or not, that divine energy that is your true nature pushes you to find the way back, no matter how long it may take. Every experience of pure, unconditional love or selfless service can help you reconnect to Consciousness, and every painful experience may motivate you to move toward it. In other words, you come back lifetime after lifetime, through your attachments and karma, to try to heal and free yourself from those attachments and karmic debts or debts of love.

Through self-awareness, your  soul will eventually find its way back home, freeing itself from all bodies and all forms. But for now, purifying your mind is the task at hand. Remember that on the journey toward your true Self, no effort is ever wasted, so even short, hesitant steps are valuable. You will eventually get there. As you walk on the path of conscious healing, you will start noticing that magical and unexpected things happen, too.

There is a divine synchronicity that helps you move forward. Insight dawns on you and truth reveals itself. It’s like you just opened the windows and let the light in! Yes, you are here to heal. We are all here to heal—from our own lack of love that causes suffering. Start thinking of health—be it on a physical, mental or spiritual level—as freedom, for that is what it truly is, and perceiving yourself as a whole being, for there is no true healing on only one level.

Feeling physically strong and emotionally miserable is not true health and it is certainly not being free, since you are still a prisoner of your mind. You can start the journey toward conscious healing right where you are, no matter where that is. But you must change the way you perceive yourself, have the courage to explore your mind, face the illusions that trap you and make you suffer, and then let them go. So contact me today to start taking spiritual responsibility and resolving the karmic debts and dynamics that cause you suffering and limitations! You’ve got nothing to lose, except a pestering ego.

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