Make This Your Year of Spiritual Transcendence

develop spiritual freedom with spiritual counseling & coachingNow that all the “end-of-the-world” fear mongering and marketing is behind us, we can step into 2013 with greater clarity and purpose. Granted, this is just the beginning of a new cycle in the calendar of our New Humanity, and it may not be possible to foresee how it will all unfold, but as the new year begins, we can always make a choice as to what we want to focus on and envision for ourselves and the New Earth.

Just like a fruit has the potentiality of another fruit, in the form of a seed, and each thought carries a new thought in seed form, our divine creative potential offers infinite possibilities for our reality to manifest. Once we plant a seed, however, other factors come into play in the growing process: that seed needs sunlight, water, nourishment, nurturing, care, and—most importantly—time and patience. Plus, it may be joining forces with other seeds or competing with weeds for soil and nourishment before its full potential can bloom.

Life is complex, and you can’t expect the seed of a fruit to germinate instantaneously. Similarly, you can’t anticipate a desire to create its fulfillment right away or a vision to manifest immediately, but you can certainly cultivate all the factors that will help you achieve your goals and find meaning in life through your ongoing self-exploration, self-awareness, and self-love.

By planting similar seeds together and caring for all of them, you can maximize a desired outcome, be it a colorful flower garden, a plentiful greenhouse, or a robust tree. Similarly, by focusing on certain types of thoughts, you can create a pleasant, nurturing, and abundant environment. Furthermore, by discovering and integrating all the different aspects of yourself—the good, the bad, and the ugly—you can discover and embrace a stronger sense of self, create loving experiences, and bear the unique fruit of your purpose on this planet.

Allow and Trust the Process of Self-Awareness

When gardening, you’d most probably make sure that all the necessary elements are in place, remove all the weeds that may hinder the growing process, and then you’d also move out of the way to let things develop at their own pace. You wouldn’t plant seeds and uproot them every week to see if they’re growing according to your expectations; you wouldn’t take one out and plant a different one in its place; and you wouldn’t water and nourish the weeds. You would tend to your garden as best as you can and you’d also leave it alone, because your job is to make sure that each seed has everything it needs to achieve its full potential and blossom into what it was meant to be, without you controlling or interfering.

In other words, you would allow the process to unfold because, well, first of all, you have learned that it is a process, and also because you know that there is something beyond your control that makes life happen. So even if you are the one planting the seeds, nurturing the soil, and removing the weeds, you realize that you have no saying in the power behind the creative potential of all the factors involved in the maturing progress of your garden. That is the transcendental force that maintains the mystery of all life on Earth, including your life.

When it comes to your own self-growth, your main effort should be to focus on getting your past impressions (the weeds) and the ego-mind (the need to control) out of the way, so that your true nature can emerge. Why does it require such an effort? Because it’s very easy to identify with the physical senses and believe that it is this ego or false “I-sense” the one doing things and experiencing life. Yet if you direct your attention inward, you’ll discover—like the seed in the ground—that there is a transcendental force that controls and directs everything you are experiencing.

Time to Relinquish Control to the Feminine Within

This magical force is your divine nature, and you can tap into it when you stop believing the ego-mind—with its distracting desires, attachments, and fears—and turn around to discover that the Divine is within you—as the true you. We call the sense it brings faith, love, light, God, truth, intuition, and so many other names because in its infinite potentiality, it can be felt through innumerable means and forms. Yet it can only be recognized when you place yourself beyond the ordinary reality perceived by the physical senses. In truth, we are here to create, explore, and ultimately transcend our physical experience.

As the process of the New Earth evolves, from seed form to full-blown reality, I invite you to let go of the false “I-sense” that traps you in a wounded past, through the power of self-awareness and self-healing, and to focus your attention, intention, and faith on more life and more awareness for yourself and for all—in your relationships, business, community, and so on. Make the commitment to assure that each of the vibrational seeds you are continuously planting with your thoughts are seeds of consciousness and personal growth.

So this year, cultivate the self-discipline to transcend the ego, let go of the past, and allow your inner voice to show you where more light or more love are needed. Like Mother Earth, become self-mothering, self-nurturing, and self-loving. Then you will be able to share what you’ve cultivated in yourself with everyone, everywhere. Contact me today for guidance and support discovering the beliefs and blind spots that keep you identified with the past and trapped in a wounded, limited perception of yourself. It is time to open up the cage to embrace the Divine Feminine within and truly love and fly freely!

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