How Do You Know if You’re Acting From Intuition or Fear?

discern between intuition and fear with a spiritual mentor coachIn the journey of self-discovery, our actions are shaped by the subtle interplay between intuition or insight and fear or resistance. Intuition connects us to our inner guidance while fear points at perceived threats, often leading to hesitation or impulsive action. But these forces can be easily confused because the ego-mind can deceive us to remain in control of our perception and behavior.

Acting on intuition usually leads to positive outcomes and a sense of connection while acting on fear tends to bring regrets. But we cannot know this beforehand unless, of course, we uncover what is nudging us toward any given choice—as opposed to living life on autopilot, when the ego-mind is in charge. So, how can we discern which is which?

Like a subtle whisper, intuition arises in the spiritual heart to help us see or know something without any mental reasoning. It can be described as a gut feeling or a hunch appearing spontaneously from within. However, for this wisdom to emerge, the mind needs to quiet down. Otherwise, the ego will taint this subtle knowing with all sorts of desires and wounded needs. We get insights when we least expect them or have to “sleep on it” before making an important decision. Deep sleep is where we have access to our true, eternal Self, albeit unconsciously.

Fear, on the other hand, is an emotion associated with a “fight or flight” response that may be triggered by real or imaginary threats. It may signal vulnerable or dangerous situations, but it can also block the clarity that empowers us to take conscious action. Fear is the opposite of love, and it results from past, painful impressions and distorted ideas about life. To begin with, the idea that we are separate—from others, from life, from Divine Consciousness—creates a sense of vulnerability and the need to protect ourselves that taints and restricts our perception.

Some indicators of intuition include a feeling of certainty and calmness, as well as a strong sense of being guided. It sometimes manifests as physical sensations such as goosebumps or a feeling of warmth. It is, after all, an expression of Love or Grace leading us toward our human destiny, as well as our true, divine nature—even through the most worldly aspects of our life-movie.

Common indicators of fear include mental fuzziness, anxiety, nervousness, and a sense of pressure or unease. It can also manifest as sensations like sweating, increased heart rate, and shallow breathing. However, a more subconscious form of fear can be subtle, mainly pushing us toward impulsive actions with a sense of “now or never.” It can also be a manifestation of subconscious guilt disconnecting us from reality or the clarity of our divine nature, which is Pure Awareness.

Intuition Is Awareness While Fear Is Ego

The difference between intuition and fear is similar to that between awareness and ego. Awareness is immediate and doesn’t require the mind to interfere because it is what we really are. It is the light we project to see what is there before the mind starts labeling things. It is always present and stable as the space or background where everything appears and changes. The mind is a continuous flow of thoughts and desires that produce attachment and fear, while Awareness is Love.

For this reason, you cannot distinguish between intuition and fear without self-awareness, which means knowing your ego-self to access your true, eternal Self. This entails observing the ego-mind that bombards you with thoughts and desires, thus constantly pulling you toward the external world of appearances.

This flood is clear when you have to make a decision and feel overwhelmed, but in reality it is constant and allows the ego to control your behavior by preventing you from uncovering painful patterns of perception. It either paralyzes you or it pushes you toward negative actions you cannot recognize until you suffer their consequences. In other words, it blurs discrimination.

Only by looking within can you gain access to the Light and Love you truly are, with which you restrain any fear-based reactions, and open up to new, more loving possibilities of experience. But  because the ego-mind is very tricky, you cannot see what you cannot see, so contact me today to embark on your self-exploration to understand how it all works and make real progress toward emotional and spiritual freedom!

If you’re not ready to work with me one-on-one to delve deeply within, you can learn about the workings of your ego-mind to transform your perception and experience by implementing the Swan Method I share in You Are Your Healer: The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self!

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