Happiness Is Your True Nature

experience true happiness with a spiritual mentor & coachDo you believe you’ll find happiness outside of you, by pursuing your desires, goals, and ambitions? Then you’re not alone, since most people do. It’s the ego-mind that creates this illusion of being separate, not just from others, but also from our true essence, which is peace, joy, and happiness. I’d like to share an Indian parable to illustrate this.

Once ten men crossed a treacherous stream together. To make sure all of them had crossed safely, they decided to count themselves. They took turns counting, but the person counting unknowingly left himself out of the count every time, so they each concluded that only nine of them had been able to cross the river.

They were certain they had lost one of their companions, although they couldn’t figure out who it was. One of them exclaimed, “Whoever that may be, he has drowned and we’ve lost him!” Saying this, he burst into tears, and the other men followed suit, weeping bitterly for their loss.

Seeing them cry, a passerby approached them and inquired about the cause of their sorrow. They related their story, saying that even after counting themselves several times they could find no more than nine. Seeing all ten of them before him, the wayfarer figured out how to help them fix their mistake.

He made them sit in a circle and asked each to count for himself, in order, while he’d tap their head as they were counted. They agreed, rejoicing in the thought of finding their “lost” friend. As the kind stranger tapped each of the ten men, the one that got the blow counted himself aloud until the last one exclaimed, “Ten.”

Bewildered, they looked at one another shouting, “We are ten!” They thanked the wayfarer for having removed their grief, and then went on their merry way.

We’re victims to the same ignorance as these foolish ten men because we have an ego, which is itself the ignorance of our true Self. If we don’t count ourselves—that is, if we are not self-aware—we’re bound to suffer for losses and grievances that aren’t real. In other words, we’ll experience life from the sense of deficiency inherent to the ego-mind that makes us feel there’s always something wrong or missing (see Without Self-Awareness All You Can See Is Ego).

Anchor Yourself In Yourself To Experience Peace & Joy

You may feel incomplete without a partner or a purpose. You may believe that the grass is greener on the other side of the road, as they say. Or you may think, “If only I had this or that, or if this person would behave this or that way, then I’d be happy.” But there is nothing wrong or missing, you just have to look within you for what you’re seeking outside, where it either cannot be found or it won’t last (see Your Life-Movie Is a Dream Within a Dream).

All your trials and tribulations arise in the ego-mind, which is external, restless, and impermanent. It continually creates desires and disappointments leading to more desires. This keeps you swinging between pleasure and pain, until Divine Consciousness pulls you inwards in search of clarity and peace.

The key to be happy is non-attachment—surrendering to what is as it is. When you let go of your desires, and the attachments and expectations resulting from them, you open up the space for Consciousness to bring forth new opportunities. This is what people call “miracles,” which in reality is just the essential nature of the eternal Self manifesting.

Of course, this cannot happen when the ego-mind blocks it with a constant flow of desires, fears, illusions, and so on. It’s like putting a bunch of rocks and branches on a stream and then wonder why it doesn’t run freely. Once you remove them, it “miraculously” flows again!

Your own life-movie is no different, but you have to be aware of what is blocking the Self you truly are so you can experience life as an adventure of self-discovery rather than a constant attempt to cover up or fix the dissatisfaction that is the very nature of your ego. So contact me today to embark on a personal journey of self-mastery toward emotional and spiritual freedom!

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